School of Pharmacy Class of 2024 Awards and Recognitions

Lucas Daut -- Dean’s Excellence Award   

"Recognizes a graduating student who best exemplifies the mission, vision, and goals of the SOP and has developed into an exemplary ambassador for the SOP among their peers as well as the community at large. To qualify for this award students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher."


Caitlin Tamblyn -- SOP Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate Award

“Recognizes an outstanding graduating student at Pacific University. Selection is based on outstanding campus leadership, involvement, community service, academic achievement and/or service to the University."


LeAnn Phanakhone & Nancy Nguyen -- Boxer Spirit Award

“This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated a high level of professionalism grit and resilience.”


Daisy Nash & Gislia Negrete -- Excellence in Advocacy   

“Recognizes a graduating student that has shown leadership and commitment to the advancement of pharmacy and other health care issues.”


Alison Kachuck -- Excellence in Pharmacological Research

“Recognizes a graduating student that have demonstrated interest in and shown dedication to basic science and pharmacological research during enrollment at Pacific University.”


McKenna Gruba -- Viatris Excellence in Pharmacy Award

"Recognizes a graduating student who has achieved academic success, a unique ability to communicate drug information, and demonstrated high professional motivation to improve practice. (Must be in the top 25% of class academically and intend to enter practice upon graduation; and shall demonstrate high personal motivation and possess a unique ability to communicate drug information)."


Storm Lotomau -- Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication

"Recognizes a graduating student who has achieved academic success and has demonstrated superior verbal and written professional communication skills. (top 25% of class academically, superior verbal and written skills)."


Nishat Mujeeb & John Paul Ibrahim -- Merck Academic Excellence Award

“Recognizes graduating students who have exhibited excellent scholastic achievement and demonstrated an interest in providing high quality clinical care.”


Kathleen Kruzich &d Hanna Yoon -- SOP Class of 2024 Valedictorians           

“Have achieved a cumulative SOP GPA of 4.0 (or highest).”


Haralampos "Bobby" Christodoulopoulos -- United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Award         

“Selected by USPHS to recognize students that make significant contributions to Public Health.”


LeAnn Phanakhone -- APhA-ASP Graduate Reccognition Award

“APhA-ASP member selected by the 2023-2024 Executive Team for their sustained work and outstanding contribution to PUSOP's APhA-ASP Chapter.”


Shelby Uffelman -- ASHP Past President Award    

“Presented on behalf of ASHPs Pharmacy Student Forum to the past president.”


-  by Amber Hieb, BA | Senior Manager of Administrative Operations | School of Pharmacy

Friday, June 14, 2024