Student Services Update: New Digs for CGE, Greek Execs, Others; New Alignment of Services

Clark HallSome things about Student Services have changed this year, and the changes are best seen in Clark Hall on the Forest Grove Campus.

Most prominently, the Center for Gender Equity (CGE) has moved from the Carnegie Hall basement to the third floor of Clark, with freshly painted offices and a lounge area.

Clark houses a range of student-focused programs in freshly painted rooms with new signage. Students who work on orientations have a dedicated area, along with Greek executives and the Office of Accessibility and Accommodation Services, formerly known as LSS. There's also a soothing prayer room for Muslim students and a lounge for transfer or commuter students.

"The goal is to create a student hub that's going to be a place to feel connected," said Kristen Overton, Student Life administrative coordinator.

Overton said some of the spaces are ready now, but others will open in stages as renovations continue.

One key stop for new students and campus visitors is the Pacific Information Center on the first floor. That's where students can get information on everything from discounted movie tickets to support programs. (For a complete list of student support resources, click the "Support at Pacific" button at the bottom of any page on the site. You'll be taken to the Support at Pacific page, which has information about everything from how to report a stalking incident to where to get an immunization.)

The move of the CGE coincides with the retirement of its founder and longtime faculty director, Dr. Martha Rampton. In addition to having new quarters, the CGE will be led by Kathleen Converse, who has transitioned from her role as Campus Wellness coordinator. Some of the Campus Wellness functions have been incorporated into the CGE.

Students can buy discounted TriMet passes at the Hillsboro Campus.

Friday, Aug. 23, 2019