Sydney Zamora PT ’21 : Pacific University’s Outstanding Service to Physical Therapy Profession

Sydney Zamora PT ’21 has received the 2021 Outstanding Service to the Physical Therapy Profession Award. The award is presented by the Pacific University SchooSydney Zamora PT '21l of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training to a student who demonstrates exemplary service to either state, national or international organizations that advances the profession of physical therapy in the areas of practice, education,  evidence and/or advocacy.

“Sydney Zamora contributed consistently and in a meaningful way to advance the mission and values of our state and national professional organizations,” said nominators. “First, she was the treasurer of the Student Leadership Committee for the APTA – Oregon chapter 2019-2020. Secondly, she led and organized the National Advocacy Dinner discussion in 2019 and 2020. Lastly, being an avid and engaged member of our organizations, she attended the 2020 House of Delegates, 2020 National Student Conclave and 2021 Combined Sections meeting.

“She is a student with an interest in acute care for neurological patients. Zamora has experience with complex patients with diagnoses including CVA, incomplete SCI, post-operative cervical and lumbar surgeries, various levels of dementia, language deficits, aphasia and impulsivity.”

Zamora, who is from Redondo Beach, Calif., graduated in May 2021.

The doctor of physical therapy program prepares well-rounded candidates for certification and licensure as healthcare professionals who can deliver person-centered care. Pacific offers a curriculum that is balanced in the areas of orthopedic, neurologic, and general physical therapy with attention to the needs of pediatric patients, geriatric patients, and other special populations.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021