Top 5 Reasons to Join Us at a Hops Game

To kick off the summer, come join us at the Alumni Night with the Hillsboro Hops on Saturday, June 24 at 5 p.m! It is sure to be night filled with new memories and fun time spent catching up with friends, old and new. 

We are excited to follow up on last year's Pacific night with the Hillsboro Hops when 81 alumni and friends gathered for a great night at the ball park. Here are our top five reasons to look forward to the game. 

1. There’s a good chance they’ll win

Last season, the Hillsboro Hops scored their best “half” in the history of the team, they went 23-14 in the second half of their season in 2016. They also have a good record of winning at their home stadium, Ron Tonkin Field. 

2. You get to watch baseball!

Besides sitting out in the sun for part of your day with good friends in a beautiful stadium, you get to watch what is sure to be an awesome game of baseball! Whether you’ve been a dedicated fan of the sport your whole life or you’re just starting to learn the rules, this game is sure to be educational and entertaining.

3. You might catch a foul ball

You could walk away from the game with a piece of sports history. It sure would be one of the coolest keepsakes you could get from an Alumni Event. Register now!

4. The food

There’s nothing that reminds us more of baseball season than eating a hot dog in the sun surrounded by good people and an exciting game. It’s a treat and tradition to eat the concession food at a game.

5. It’s an alumni event!

Chances are, you’ll see someone you know. Get a group of friends together and make a weekend trip out of it, or meet up with classmates you haven’t seen since Homecoming in the fall! It’s a great excuse to spend quality time with people you might not see as much as you’d like.

Register for Pacific Night with the Hillsboro Hops today!

Monday, April 24, 2017