UIS Adds New Web Security Feature

University Information Services (UIS) has recently deployed new equipment that has allowed us to turn on Internet security protections for users connected to the university network in Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and the optometry clinics in Portland, Beaverton and Cornelius. Connections from the university to websites that contain known security risks will be blocked. These include malicious websites and those that are known to be used by phishing attacks and spammers.   We will also be rolling out new equipment to other campus locations that will allow us to provide this protection at all university locations.

Campus users who attempt to connect to a blocked web site will receive a message letting them know that the action has been stopped due to security concerns. The message will include the help@pacificu.edu email address to let us know if you have been prevented from visiting a valid website. UIS can allow specific web sites if our evaluation finds that they have been incorrectly blocked.

With the implementation of this technology, UIS hopes to prevent additional malware and phishing attacks without impacting user access to legitimate Internet sites. While this will not protect users when connected to non-Pacific networks such as home or cellular networks, it significantly increases our ability to protect systems when they are on campus. We recommend that all users learn more about how to keep from becoming a victim of phishing attacks by watching a short training video on the UIS Technology Help Resources webpages.

Reminder: University Information Systems (UIS) will never ask for your account, password, or personal information via email. Never reveal your password to anyone. If you are unsure whether a communication from UIS is legitimate, please contact the Technology Information Center.

Friday, June 20, 2014