Undergraduate Student Senate Campaigning Begins

It's time to select your 2020-21 Undergraduate Student Senate.

As the Undergraduate Student Senate campaigning begins, meet the students who are the executive officer candidates. Elections will take place on March 17 through March 18. Candidates currently have their photos and essays up on a board in the UC, so they can reach out and connect with students. 

For more information on the election process, or to contact current student government officials, visit their site.

Doan Pham
Taylor Clapp

Vice President of Finance
Kara Nishida

Vice President of Betterment
Yadira Baltier-Moreno
Danielle Cordima
Rubi Rodriguez

Vice President of Communications
Kailina Lewis
Rachel Nicks

Vice President of Leadership
Anna Kim 


Thursday, March 12, 2020