Updated Version of Colleague User Interface

Attention All Colleague Users —Some of you may recall last summer that the Enterprise Data Systems team (EDS) announced a new look and feel to the Colleague User Interface ("UI") was released by our vendor, Ellucian. A number of you adopted it quickly, but several also ran into a number of bugs and performance problems. Ellucian gathered your feedback, which EDS passed on to them, along with feedback from other clients, and we now (finally!) have an update that resolves most of those bugs, and addresses some of the performance issues. This update will be installed in our production system on Saturday March 3.

For those who have not yet tried UI 5 (our current main version is version 4), EDS can now recommend that you do so. You can find links to UI 5 for production on the UIS Online Tools web page. If you want to experiment in test, first, you'll find all the links you need on the Enterprise Systems Resources page.

We encourage all users, including those who have used earlier versions of UI 5, to watch the Quick Tour video to get oriented to the look and feel of the new interface (you will need to be logged into Box in order to view it). For those who used UI 5 before, you will not see many changes, but there are two key differences:

  • If you run a process that takes a long time, you may see a warning message that offers you a button that says "Stop Waiting". If you get this message, do not click "Stop Waiting" unless you believe the process has actually frozen. Doing so will end your UI session, and if your process really isn't "stuck", it may get interrupted, and/or you may be unable to retrieve the output report if it does finish properly. Most of the time, simply waiting for it to finish will clear the warning. If the warning does stay up longer than you think it should, send an email to help@pacificu.edu and let EDS know what form mnemonic you were running, what you entered into the fields on the form, and how long you've been waiting for it to finish. We can try to determine whether you should close your session or not. Leave that process as it is (in case it finishes), and open a new UI session if you need to work on other things while you wait.  Ellucian is supposed to clarify this message in an upcoming update.
  • If you're inside a "window" that has multiple rows and columns, the controls that allow you to page up and down, and export to Excel, have now been moved to the top of the UI form. The Quick Tour video will show you what to expect.

Tips to get the best experience with UI 5

Use Chrome, preferably in incognito mode. For more information on incognito mode, as well as help for people who do not usually use Chrome as their main browser, please refer to our helpdesk knowledgebase article.
If you see odd behavior or fields or labels overlapping on your forms, first try logging out of UI and clearing your browser cache before logging back in.
Although the updated UI 5 runs faster overall than when it first was released, it does tend to run slower and be "pickier" than UI 4.

  • Avoid "typing ahead"—wait for your data entry to fully appear before moving to your next field.
  • If you need to replace content in an existing field (one that isn't blank), use the keyboard controls Ctrl+Alt+D to clear the current contents before typing the new data. The updated version is much better about handling "type-overs", but it's still best practice to clear the old data first.
  • Use tab or enter to leave a field once you've put in data, rather than immediately clicking into a new field. Again, the updated version is much more forgiving than the early days of UI 5, but it's still best to leave the field using tab or enter if you've made changes to the data in it.

You will still be able to use the old version of UI 4 for the time being, but we recommend that you begin making the switch as soon as possible, as support for that version will be ending in April. EDS will set up training sessions for UI 5, and will publish a final deadline for moving off UI 4 soon, so keep an eye out for additional announcements.

Mar. 1, 2018