Winter Weather on the Way

Winter weather is heading back to the Portland area. A winter storm warning predicts that heavy snow, freezing rain and wind gusts could hit the area from Thursday afternoon through the weekend.

How to Get Info

Pacific will issue a Boxer Alert message and post an alert at if campuses or locations close. In the event of a campus closure, in-person classes will not be held. Online classes generally will continue during a campus closure — watch for messages from your faculty about any cancellations.

Make sure your Boxer Alert information is up to date with your email, cell phone number, and carrier name to ensure that you get alerts promptly.

What to Expect

Dining Services will remain open in inclement weather situations, though food options may be limited. Check the Bon Appétit website or follow Bon Appétit on Instagram for the most up-to-date details.

Campus Public Safety remains available 24-7. Call CPS at 503-352-2230 if you have urgent concerns about facilities or safety. 

In residence halls, RAs maintain their normal on-call schedule.

Stay Safe

Choose appropriate footwear and watch where you walk. Be aware of your footing, watch for hidden ice, use handrails, and put down your phone.

“Walk like a penguin.” Use short, slow steps, and step down firmly to put your weight on your whole foot.

Avoid heavily treed areas, and watch and listen carefully if you are walking under trees. Ice and snow can cause branches to break and fall.

Make sure your devices are fully charged and be prepared for possible power outages.

Avoid driving when possible. If you must drive, go extra slow, give yourself extra time to stop, and avoid hitting the gas or breaks in a turn.

If you travel, check the forecast and road conditions before departing. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and a stocked emergency kit in your car, including jumper cables, an ice scraper, flashlight, flares, a phone charger, extra warm clothes or blankets, and extra food and water in your car’s emergency kit. 

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021