Email Signature

To create your email signature, a good starting point is to copy and paste your generated signature into Gmail from the box below. To maintain formatting, do not use a keyboard shortcut to paste. Be sure to select the clipboard icon and choose "keep source formatting" when pasting. The line spacing is correct once placed into the signature field.



Your Name (pronouns)
Title | Department/College/School
503-352-0000 | 000-000-0000
Pacific University | 2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116


You may want to add a P.S. under your signature, such as one of the following: 

Join me in supporting students with Lead On: The Campaign for Tomorrow at Pacific University. |

I am proud to work at a university that inspires students to think, care, create, and pursue justice. |

Go Boxers! |


  • Verify that the signature is using Verdana, the recommended font choice for emails
  • Follow Pacific’s editorial standards for professional communications
  • Include your office/department specific information to your signature as needed
  • Using pronouns in your email signature offers a way to share gender identity
  • The URL does not need an http or www prefix
  • There’s no need to include a 1- before the phone number
  • Be sure that all phone numbers are numeric only and that you use hyphens, rather than periods, between numbers
  • Don't use backgrounds or highlight text as they render the message inaccessible for people with visual disabilities
  • Don't use the logo or other artwork in your signature since most recipients receive them as attachments rather than as a viewable file as intended.

Having trouble copying the signature template from this page? Download email signature options from Box.

Instructions on how to add your signature to Gmail
Log into your Boxer Mail web interface. Go to the gear icon in the upper right and choose See all settings. Under the General tab, scroll down to the Signature section. Click Create new and give it a name like "Pacific standard." Paste your signature text into the empty box to the right of the signature name. Below that, under Signature defaults, choose, for each email address you have access to send as, whether to automatically include this signature for new messages and replies. Checking the Insert signature before quoted text in replies... checkbox is recommended. Finally, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.