Community Collaboration Celebration

The Community Collaboration Celebration is an annual event held in the spring by the Center for Civic Engagement. At the event we recognize and celebrate the civic engagement work happening in our community.

We recognize members of the community every year through awards including the:

  • Student Impact Award
  • Engaged Alumni Award
  • Engaged Faculty Award
  • Engaged Staff Award
  • Engaged Community Partner Award
  • Engaged Site Supervisor Award

We have a complete list of past Award Recipients. Previous nominees can be nominated again if they have not received the award. 

2018 Community Collaboration Celebration

The 2018 Community Collaboration will be held on May 1, in the MPR, from 4 to 6 p.m. All community members are invited to come appreciate excellence in civic engagement work from students, faculty, staff, alumni, organizations and community partners! All are encouraged to nominate one or more people for our awards.

Nominations can be submitted until April 23rd. Please RSVP by April 23rd. We cannot wait to celebrate great civic engagement work!