Community Collaboration Celebration

The Pacific University Community Collaboration Celebration hosted by the McCall Center for Civic Engagement honors the special partnerships between Pacific University students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. Each year we recognize individuals and organizations who are engaged in effective community collaboration, either in the current year or accumulated over years of involvement with Pacific University. 

2021 Celebration

In recognition of the unique public health requirements of this time, there will not be a celebration held in 2021. Our staff are working diligently to arrange alternative ways to recognize and celebrate effective community collaboration. We may be able to recognize efforts from the 2020-2021 school year during future events - and you are uniquely positioned to know members of our community who deserve to be recognized! Please consider nominating individuals and organizations who have shown excellence in collaboration with Pacific University and in partnership with surrounding communities.

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Event History

In years past, we have enjoyed honoring our work with specific awards in different categories. However, in order to include more kinds of partnerships in our event and make our recognitions both easier to submit and easier to manage, we are shifting toward more of a “shout-out” type recognition program instead of awards.  However, the McCall Center staff will continue to honor one person, program, or organization each year with our Bevin McCarthy Spirit of Civic Engagement Award.

We appreciate all of our past award recipients (pdf) and look forward to celebrating with our community at this year’s event.

The Bevin McCarthy Spirit of Civic Engagement Award

The Bevin McCarthy Spirit of Civic Engagement Award is given annually to an individual, program, partnership, or organization selected by the MCCE staff for particularly noteworthy achievements over the past academic year and/or accumulated over time.

The award recipient(s) will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • embodies the joy of being in community
  • demonstrates a commitment to a more just and sustainable future
  • inspires and involves others harnesses the power of civic engagement for the greater good, indicated by democratic processes or outcomes of engagement