Tom McCall Forum

Pacific University sponsored the annual Tom McCall Forum for 25 years, bringing together liberal and conservative figures to debate issues of national importance. Forum participants and topics included:

2007 | Lee Hamilton and John Bolton
U.S. Foreign Policy Post-’08

2006 | Tom Daschle and Pat Buchanan
Democracy at the Crossroads: Does Our System Work

2005 | Howard Dean and Richard Perle
American Foreign Policy Post–9/11

2004 | Molly Ivins and William Kristol
Election 2004: Winners and Losers

2003 | Bill Bradley and David Gergen
Assessing the Bush Presidency: 9/11 to Enron

2002 | Newt Gingrich and Ralph Nader
Who Rules America? Power in the New Millennium

2001 | Alan Dershowitz and Ralph Reed
Religion, Politics and the Constitution

2000 | Mary Matalin and James Carville
Leadership for the 21st Century: Campaign 2000

1999 | C. Everett Koop and Joseph Califano
Health Care: Right or Responsibility

1998 | Haley Barbour and Leon Panetta
Money and Politics

1997 | Dan Quayle and Robert Kennedy Jr
Striking the Balance: The Economy and the Environmentalist

1996 | Mario Cuomo and Lynn Martin
From New Hampshire to November: Values vs. Votes

1995 | James Carville and William Safire
Conservation and the Future of the GOP

1994 | Pierre Salinger and John Sununu
The President and the Press: Who Sets the Agenda

1992 | Jesse Jackson and Peter Ueberroth
American Cities: An Agenda for the Next President

1991 | Geraldine Ferraro and William Bennett
Leadership in the 1990s: Democracy and the National Conscience

1990 | Carl Bernstein and Michael Deaver
Media in U.S. Politics: Powerbroker or Pawn?

1989 | Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Robert Bork
​Law of the Land: Politics in Courts?

1988 | Pat Schroeder and Jeane Kirkpatrick
​American Foreign Policy in the 1990s: Who is the Enemy?

1987 | Robert McNamara and Zbingniew Brzezinski
Preventing Nuclear War: The ‘Star Wars’ Option

1986 | Andrew Young and Arthur Laffer
Reagan’s Stewardship of the Economy

1985 | George McGovern and James Watt
Economic & Environmental Progress: Is There a Free Lunch After All?

1984 | William F. Buckley Jr. and Dick Clark
America’s Future: Is Liberal Politics Dead?

1983 | Mulford Q. Sibley, Howard Phillips and Admiral Noel Gayler
Total Disarmament: Hope, Hoax or Utopia?

1982 | Cal Thomas and Sam Brown
The Moral Majority: A Debate