MAT in General Education Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for the Pacific University Master of Arts in Teaching, general education degree program may vary depending on your chosen program format and subjects. From financial aid to scholarships, there are many options for paying for graduate school.

MAT Tuition

Cost per credit hour


Credit hours

35   Secondary/Single Subjects (one subject)
39   Secondary/Single Subjects (two subjects)
41   Elementary/Multiple Subjects

Tuition cost
for program

$28,490   Secondary/Single Subjects (one subject)
$31,746   Secondary/Single Subjects (two subjects)
$33,374   Elementary/Multiple Subjects

*All stated financial information is for the 2022-2023 academic year, and is subject to change.

Pacific University offers general Master of Arts in Teaching programs at both the Forest Grove Campus and the Eugene Campus in two different formats, a traditional full-time program and an online hybrid program designed for working adults.

The Financial Aid Office establishes a Cost of Attendance annually, which reflects an estimate of what we think it will cost you to attend Pacific for one year. The estimated cost of attendance reflects direct costs, such as tuition and other fees paid to Pacific University, as well as estimated indirect costs, such as books, transportation, or off-campus living, that may be expected while pursuing your degree. The estimated cost of attendance is used in determining students' financial aid eligibility and awards. 

MAT General Full-Time Cost of Attendance

MAT Hybrid One-Year (Summer Start) Cost of Attendance

MAT Hybrid Two-Year (Summer Start) Cost of Attendance

MAT Hybrid Two-Year (Fall Start) Cost of Attendance

MAT STEM/ESOL 2022-2023 Cost of Attendance


Additional Costs for Licensure

Additional costs for licensure are applicable to all programs in Oregon.

Civil Rights Test $95
NES Content Tests** ~$95
EdTPA Assessment $300
Fingerprinting Fee*** ~$60
TSPC License Application Fee $197

**cost depends on tests you need to take
***cost depends on where your fingerprinting is done