Applied Psychological Science Master's Program

Master's Degree

The goal of the master’s program in Applied Psychological Science (APS) is to foster learning of and competence in interpersonal and research skills relevant to the responsible and ethical conduct within clinical service and applied research settings. Students gain expertise regarding the impact of cultural, biological, social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral factors on psychological phenomena. Emphasis is placed on the development of a strong theoretical foundation and on statistical and methodological skills that can be employed in a number of applied settings.

The APS program offers two specialties that allow students to emphasize coursework leading to their desired careers in psychology: Applied Research and Clinical Psychology. These specialties share a common core of classes and are augmented by a set of specialty-specific courses and open elective offerings for each (see degree requirements).

This terminal master’s program in Applied Psychological Science is designed to prepare students for employment as master's-level professionals (in applied practical or research settings) or for further training in psychology at the doctoral level.




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