OHWI Area Health Education Center

OHWI AHEC Logo. Map of Oregon with highlighted Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas counties. Text says OHWI Oregon Healthcare Workforce InstituteThe Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute Area Health Education Center (OHWI AHEC) works to support the recruitment, retention, and training of a diverse health care professional workforce, especially for professionals providing primary care services within Oregon's rural and urban underserved communities. OHWI AHEC leverages the combined resources of Pacific University, OHSU, and community partnerships to enrich the experiences, training and education of future and practicing health care professionals.

The OHWI AHEC region encompasses Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas counties. Home to some of Oregon’s largest health systems and academic institutions for the health professions, the OHWI AHEC region has a large community of health professions students, residents, and practicing health professionals. OHWI AHEC works to enhance the quality of health services provided by these professionals to support members of the tri-county community most in need such as our federally designated medically underserved populations including Native Americans, Homeless, Low-Income, and Seasonal Migrant Workers.

OHWI AHEC Region, In Brief


Total Population1





  • Geographic HPSA

  • Hillsboro Service Area - MUA

  • Low Income – MUP

  • Migrant Seasonal Worker - MUP




  • Low Income Population – HPSA

  • Homeless Population – HPSA

  • Multnomah Service Area – MUA

  • Low Income - MUP




  • Low Income Population – HPSA

  • Migrant Season Farm Worker Population - HPSA

  • Clackamas Primary Care Service Area – MUA



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As part of Pacific University’s learning community in Forest Grove, Oregon; OHWI AHEC is committed to leveraging the resources of the campus community and greater Oregon AHEC system to benefit the health of this region’s urban and rural underserved communities through the development of a diverse and educationally enriched health care workforce.

Our work involves increasing the educational opportunities available to Oregon’s active and future health care workforce to improve the quality of health services. Through collaborative partnerships with community and academic partners, OHWI AHEC strengthens the health care pipeline, expands the experience, capacity, and diversity of health professions students to be better prepared to provide high-quality care within a rural and urban underserved practice; promotes clinical practice transformation and upskilling of today’s providers, and supports evidence-based strategic planning for Oregon’s health care professionals.

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Chad Johnson, MPH | OHWI AHEC Regional Center