Study Abroad in Nagoya, Japan

Program Information

The City of Nagoya is a major metropolitan area in central Japan with a population of over two million. It is the urban center of Aichi prefecture, which has one of Japan's major ports and major industries such as Toyota and Mitsubishi manufacturing. Excellent air, road and rail services provide convenient access to all points. Nagoya is noted for its comprehensive city planning projects. Its history dates back to the 17th century, when Tokugawa Ieyasu, the general who unified Japan, built a castle in Nagoya.

Pacific offers two study sites in Nagoya, at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) and Nanzan University.

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS)

The Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) was founded in 1988 with a focus on language learning and international studies. Located in Nisshin, about 15 miles from the center of Nagoya, NUFS has an enrollment of 4,000 students, each one engaged in some aspect of international studies. 

Academic  Program

NUFS provides two academic tracks for inbound study abroad students offered through its Japanese Language Institute:  the Contemporary Japan Program in Nagoya (CJPN) and the Japanese Language and Japanese Studies Program (JLJSP).

The CJPN covers a broad range of Japanese studies topics including economics, business, history, culture, society and education. It goes beyond issues pertaining generally to Japan and focuses on the economically vibrant Chubu region, where Nagoya is located. For example one of the elective classes focuses uniquely on the Toyota Corporation, which is headquartered in Nagoya. Though many of the classes available to CJPN students overlap with those offered to the JLJSP participants the key distinction between the two programs is that the CJPN has a much lesser focus on language study, and although students are strongly encouraged to enroll in at least the Core language class, it is not mandatory.

The JSLP is an intensive language course designed to provide students with practical proficiency in the Japanese language. Participants will be expected to complete the Core (Grammar) language class worth 8 credits, a Kanji class (2 credits) and at least one Japanese language elective class (2 credits) from a choice of Reading, Composition, Oral Communication and Integrated Skills). Additional credits can be earned from the Japanese Studies classes (taught in English) and/or the Japanese Culture Practicum (see below).  Students are required to take a placement test upon arrival and will be placed in one of at least 6 levels.

One attractive component of the NUFS program is the weekly Japanese Culture Practicum, open to both CJPN and JSJLP students, which has the goal of providing students with a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. The Practicum allows students to participate in a variety of activities including workshops on Zen meditation, the tea ceremony and ikebana (flower arrangement). Additionally heavily subsidized excursions are provided to Iga Ninja Village, Kyoto and Nara, as well as many local areas of historical and cultural significance. The Practicum further allows students to earn a maximum of 1 credit per semester by participating in at least 70% of the activities and writing a report on one of their experiences.

Housing and Meals

Exchange students at NUFS can choose between two housing types: an international student residence hall (International House) and individual, university-affiliated apartments (Proxy Friends Nisshin). 

The International House provides all students with a single room, each with a balcony and its own private bathroom and air conditioner as well a refrigerator and standard, expected furnishings (bed, desk, chair, etc.). Facilities include communal kitchens, laundry facilities and free wi-fi. I-House has an 11:00 pm curfew. Proxy Friends Nisshin is a studio-style apartment building providing a kitchenette, private bathroom, air conditioning and balcony in all units, in addition to standard furnishings. It does not have a curfew.  Students in both types of accommodation are responsible for preparation of their own meals.

Nanzan University

Nanzan University is a private university with over 5,000 students drawn primarily from Aichi prefecture and the surrounding area. It has a reputation as one of the leading universities in the Nagoya region, and is particularly strong in language education, international studies, and economics.

The Center for Japanese Studies is an integral part of the university. It enrolls over 100 students from twenty different countries, with the majority coming from the U.S. In addition to its academic program centered on comprehensive language training, the center administers the Home Stay Program, provides orientation and academic advising, offers information on alternative housing options, and organizes student excursions.


Students may register for any course offered by the Center for Japanese Studies. Students take Japanese language classes according to their level. They can also attend courses in Japanese and Asian culture, politics, economy, society, religions, literature and history, which are conducted in English. Students will take language courses in the morning and Japanese area studies, seminars and art courses in the afternoon.

Housing and Meals

The program provides the option of home-stays, off-campus international residence halls, and private dormitories. Students living with host families will eat meals with their families, while those living in dormitories are responsible for their own meals. Depending on dormitory facilities, students can cook their own meals or dine in nearby restaurants.


Minimum GPA : 3.0

Language : Must have completed level 102* of college Japanese, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in Japanese.

*For students fulfilling the requirements of a language major or minor, or the International Studies major, the completion of 202 or equivalent in the appropriate language and a 3.0 GPA average in language classes are required prior to beginning the program. 

Must have attended Pacific University full-time for at least one semester.

Important Dates

  • Advising Appointment : During Fall Semester
  • Application Deadline : February 10

Program Dates :

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS)

  • Fall: late August until mid December
  • Spring: mid March until early July

Nanzan University

  • Fall: mid-September until late December
  • Spring: early April until mid/end July