Strive to answer the basic questions of how we came to be the way we are as human beings and how we live together on this earth.

In the anthropology program at Pacific University, students study current societies throughout the world, paying particular attention to the concept of culture in a curriculum that stresses overseas study and fieldwork experiences. Students learn the basic scientific methods of the discipline, both quantitative and qualitative and gain real-world experience with fieldwork and study abroad opportunities

The central concept in anthropology courses is culture, which refers to primarily symbolic systems as well as material culture. Comparative religions, world music, culinary practices, myth and ritual are among the many subjects offered, along with opportunities to combine service learning, fieldwork and independent study. 


“When I took the tour here the anthropology professor, Aaron Greer, was talking and I was like, ‘He seems cool. I want to major in anthropology.' And I realized he’s not just cool, anthropology is cool. I want to learn more about the world and different people.”

— Luciana Linares '24

Pacific University anthropology major Luciana Linares '24

Careers for Anthropology Majors

Students with degrees in anthropology work in business and corporate sectors, as well as in education, research and nonprofit organizations, such as the Peace Corps. Others attend graduate school throughout the world, in fields such as medical or applied anthropology.


Anthropology-Sociology Club

The Anthropology-Sociology Club works to build social and cultural awareness about hunger and homelessness in our local area by sponsoring speakers, movie nights, travel experiences and to work with children at local elementary schools to emphasize global awareness and cultural diversity. The club is open to all members of the Pacific community. Learn more by contacting any faculty member in the Sociology and Anthropology Department.


Daniel Eisen

Eisen is a critical race scholar whose classes support the undergraduate Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society, and Gender and Sexuality Studies programs at Pacific University.

Sebastian Bannister Lawler '12, MBA '18 started a new job as an account manager at Actalent.

Zapotec weaving by Francisco and Laura Bautista

The Cawein Gallery of Art presents an exciting exhibition of vibrant weaving by the Bautistas. Meet the artists at an opening reception at 1 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15. The Bautista exhibition is showing through Thursday, Dec. 9.