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Join us for our weekly Mindfulness workshop on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. PDT. These 50-minute drop-in workshops are intended to create a space for students to experience a mindfulness meditation and gain perspectives about mindfulness. We will discuss the Mindful Coping Practice Series offered by the counseling staff, navigate ways of developing a consistent mindful practice, and learn wisdom from each other’s lived experience. Please note that these drop-in workshops are not a substitute for counseling and do not constitute mental health treatment. 

All Pacific University students are welcome. Pre-registration is not required, but you will need to enter your PUNet ID to access the zoom link on our website. Visit our website to access your secure Zoom link We look forward to seeing you on Zoom! 


Contact Us

Student Counseling Center
503-352-2191 | counselingcenter@pacificu.edu