Have you ever questioned if you're challenging your student(s) enough in supervision and in a meaningful way? Have you ever felt uncomfortable or were unsure of how to bring up racism or anti-racism in supervision? Have you ever thought anti-racism doesn't apply often in my practice setting?

This two-hour training will examine the responsibilities we hold as field instructors and strategies of support from an anti-racist perspective. The supervisor-supervisee relationship helps students build a practice foundation of social work values, ethics and change for our future. This training explores how we can effectively bring anti-racism and social justice practice into the supervision relationship and ensure that students are prepared to take part in and lead meaningful change in their field practice.

The learning objectives from this training include:

  • Understanding and examining white supremacy culture in [your] field setting.
  • Identifying our responsibilities as supervisors and our motivation for supporting students.
  • Practicing supervision strategies from an anti-racist perspective — igniting your passion for anti-racism and social justice in your role as a field instructor.

About the Facilitator

Hannah Studer, LCSW, CADC-II is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently working as the deputy director at Bridges to Change, and is a founding partner in the consulting firm 2Q Consulting, which specializes in enhancing equity and anti-racism efforts within organizations and businesses. Studer began her career working in prison reentry services and moved into organizational leadership as a way to change and challenge structural racism within the behavioral health and nonprofit sectors. She utilizes an anti-racist framework, power-sharing approaches to leadership and supportive accountability within the context of partnering with people and organizations as we navigate system and individual change. Studer is passionate about and takes seriously the role of field instructor with social work students, and believes that supporting student growth and learning is critical responsibility to the social work profession.


9 -11 a.m. | Foundations of Change: Anti-Racism in Supervision with Students

11:15-12:45 p.m. | Field Instructor Orientation

Contact Us

Suzy Kropf | Program Coordinator
Building 19, 202-A, Eugene Campus | 541-632-8828 | skropf@pacificu.edu