The Reproductive Justice Action Team (RJAT) is a collective of students, staff, and faculty dedicated to promoting reproductive justice through education, outreach, and action. We are excited to bring Roslyn Banish's exhibit, "Focus on Abortion: Americans Tell Their Stories," to campus to share stories that foster understanding, empathy, and compassion. Join us for the opening week of this exhibit.

The exhibit includes a series of 39 photographs and narratives of individuals who have a personal abortion experience. The exhibit will be up from Sept. 1 to 27, 2023.

Banish writes "These stories have the potential to widen public understanding of abortion, and to encourage civil discourse around this often-polarizing subject. We know from the Civil Rights and Gay Rights Movements that we learn from other people's stories. These stories could help mitigate the profound stigma that surrounds abortion. Many will be surprised to learn that one out of four women in the US will have an abortion during their reproductive years."

Everyone is welcome to see the exhibit in the Tran Library Gallery. 

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