FAQs | Office of Global Pharmacy Education and Research (OGPER)

Q: How do I receive more information on Global APPE?

OGPER will share Global APPE information with the P2 class via a class-wide email as soon as details get finalized with participating international sites. The timeline is usually in September/October. 

Q: What should I do if I have questions about Global APPE?

After receiving original information about Global APPE from OGPER, there will be an open house for students to attend and ask questions in late fall. The original information you receive first will also contain useful information based on questions received from previous years.

Q: How do I apply for Global APPE?

You will receive a link to an online application when you receive Global APPE information from OGPER. 

Q: When are applications due?

The application will be due towards the end of P2 fall semester.

Q: How long is the program?

Global APPE coordinated by the School of Pharmacy will be six weeks long, the same with other APPE rotations. However, the actual program time at the international site will be the middle four weeks (i.e., rotation weeks 2-5).

Q: If I am highly interested in completing an international rotation, are we able to choose our preferred location?

Yes, as part of the application process, you can place your preference on sites where you'd like to get matched.

Q: How do rotations work?

You'll be assigned to two preceptors (one international preceptor and Dr. Suzuki). You are expected to be full-time at our international site during rotation weeks 2-5. The rotation week 1 and week 6 will be used for travel and to complete assigned projects and/or the Global APPE Workbook. The on-site APPE work varies based on your international site and preceptor.

Q: How much does the program cost? What does the cost include (i.e., living expenses, class expenses, meals, flights, etc.)?

The cost varies, depending on international sites you get assigned to. Students will be responsible for flights, housing, food, local transportation (e.g., buses), and any local souvenir/activities of their choice. However, your international preceptor can assist you to find affordable housing options, which includes but is not limited to on- or off-campus dormitory and apartments. The Hillside program (Belize) requires a fee as part of their placement process. This fee needs to be paid directly to Hillside, not to Pacific University.

Q: I have a family in the country I got assigned to that I can stay with. Would I have an option to do so, or are the dorms provided by the school required?

You can decide where to stay, including a place with your family member or suggested housing by your international preceptor. You will be responsible for commuting to the assigned APPE site.

Q: What is a prerequisite to participate in Global APPE?

A CHP course (CHP 520 Interprofessional International Travel Prep, 1 credit) will be required during P2 Spring semester. This is an online course to offer flexibility in students' schedules in spring.

Q: What should I do if I'm interested in a Global APPE in a country not currently available?

Please contact OGPER by the end of your P1 year to discuss further options.