Experiential Education

Office of Experiential Education Contacts

Maddie Fry, PharmD, RPh, BCACP
Assistant Dean for Experiential Education, Assistant Professor


Huy Hoang, PharmD
Coordinator for Experiential Advancement

Melanie Belles, MSEd
Director of Experiential Affairs

Paje Stelling, MAT
Coordinator for Experiential Education

Andrew P. Longhofer, MFA
Director of Student Experience & Professional Development

The School of Pharmacy at Pacific University offers a three-year program leading to the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, along with several other health professional programs, the school uses a competency-based curriculum, with courses delivered in a modified block format. In this format, students study one topic area for two weeks before moving on to another content area. The competency-based design encourages teamwork and collaboration among students while removing the competitive nature present in many professional curricula.

Students complete Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience components (IPPE 1, 2, 3 & 4) of the curriculum throughout their first and second school years. The third year is devoted entirely to on-site Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE).

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor with our program, please contact one of the experiential program contacts.

Preceptor Manual


E*Value Experiential Management System

Our experiential scheduling and records management system for preceptors, students and faculty: E*Value Experiential Management System (No Institutional Code is necessary to log-in.)

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE)

IPPE Community Resources & Syllabi

IPPE Health System Resources

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

APPE Resources

APPE Syllabi & Evaluations

Preceptor Recognition Award Recipients

We're pleased to announce the preceptors honored at our annual awards event! Pacific University School of Pharmacy Preceptor Recognition Awards Recipients (pdf)

Preceptor Continuing Education Opportunities

CEI Modules include

  • CEI Preceptor Subscription Instructions
  • Collaborative Education Institute (CEI) — Preceptor education and resource network now accessed through E*Value. Log in to your E*Value record and click 'Learning Modules'.
    • Consortium Mission and Experiential Programs Overview
    • The Role of the Preceptor
    • Developing Your Rotation
    • Giving Experiential Students Constructive Feedback

Preceptor Orientation Videos

Additional Resources