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Experiential education is a critical part of the three-year PharmD program at Pacific University's School of Pharmacy.

We aim to connect students with high quality experiential rotations that develop practice-ready, compassionate, and innovative pharmacists prepared for future pharmacy careers.

Experiential education is split into two parts— students complete Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience components (IPPE 1, 2, 3 & 4) of the curriculum throughout their first and second school years. The third year is devoted entirely to on-site Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE).

Experiential education benefits both students and preceptors. Students gain practical skills and exposure to pharmacy practice settings. Preceptors serve as mentors and our high-quality students make experiential education a rewarding experience for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor with our program, please contact one of the experiential program contacts.

UPDATED: Academic Year 20-21 Preceptor Manual 

E*Value Experiential Management System (No Institutional Code is necessary to log-in) Our experiential scheduling and records management system for preceptors, students and faculty

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*Of note, to decrease the spread of COVID-19 our office is currently working from home as much as possible. Please reach out via email to schedule a phone or Zoom appointment.

Maddie Fry, PharmD, BCACP | Assistant Dean for Experiential Education, Assistant Professor
503-352-3627 | fry.madeline@pacificu.edu

Brandon Nuziale, PharmD, BCACP | Director of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience, Assistant Professor
503-352-3626 | brandon.nuziale@pacificu.edu

Melanie Belles, MSEd | Director of Experiential Affairs
503-352-7293 | mbelles@pacificu.edu

Paje Stelling, MAT | Coordinator for Experiential Education
503-352-7334 | pstelling@pacificu.edu

Andrew P. Longhofer, MFA | Director of Student Experience & Professional Development
503-352-2677 | longhofer@pacificu.edu

For general Experiential Education questions please send an e-mail to sopexperiential@pacificu.edu