Physician Assistant Studies Program Purpose & Learning Outcomes

The School of Physician Assistant Studies provides an outstanding curriculum utilizing innovative, alternative and traditional formats in a dynamic learning environment. The focus of the School is driven by the needs of the local and global community with a strong commitment to multilingual, multicultural, and gender-equitable learning.

As a School, our purpose is to educate and mentor our students in the essential criteria for clinical practice across the lifespan; graduating clinicians should be able to demonstrate knowledge of and skills in:

  • Explaining the epidemiology, incidence, and prevalence of diseases and disorders
  • Applying basic science concepts, including human anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, genetics, and microbiology/biochemistry
  • Recognizing common signs and symptoms
  • Integrating pertinent patient historical information and physical examination findings
  • Generating differential diagnoses/hypotheses
  • Explaining the rationale for using laboratory and diagnostic studies
  • Interpreting laboratory and/or diagnostic studies results
  • Considering the impact of diversity and ethical principles in clinical practice
  • Applying psychosocial concepts into clinical decision making across the lifespan
  • Defining the mechanism of action, indications, contraindications, complications, side effects, adverse reactions, and drug interactions for relevant pharmaceutical therapeutics
  • Formulating, implementing, and managing appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapeutic treatment regimens
  • Considering appropriate referral and consultation
  • Providing patient centered counseling and education with regard to preventative principles, risk factors, and overall health maintenance
  • Emphasizing lifelong learning through the practice of evidence based, cost sensitive, quality medicine