Learning Outcomes | Communications Design Minor

After Pacific | Communication design prepares students with valuable skills for today's media-rich culture that allows them to succeed in the fields of communication, marketing, business, entertainment and more.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the communication design minor students will

  • Apply the fundamental principles of visual design to their projects in a way that enhances its communicative potential
  • Exhibit a thoughtful application of color and typographic design to print and electronic communications
  • Contribute effectively to a team or organization where the planning, design, and production of visual communications are key activities and integral parts of organizational strategy
  • Be capable of explaining how design aids viewers in extracting meaning from designed elements
  • Be more thoughtful and creative with all of their personal and professional communications
  • Represent relationships, patterns and results in qualitative and quantitative data sets accurately and accessibly for narrow and broad audiences alike
  • Communicate narratives, concepts, identities, and emotions across a variety of media