Curriculum | Post-Bacc in Communication Sciences & Disorders

Students with a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than communication sciences and disorders must complete (or be in the process of completion) of prerequisite coursework to apply to the Pacific University graduate program in speech-language pathology. Students admitted to the graduate program must complete all prerequisite coursework prior to registering as a graduate student.

In addition to the following 29 credit hours of coursework, applicants to graduate programs in audiology or speech-language pathology are required to have at least one course in Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences (Chemistry or Physics), Social-Behavioral Sciences, and Statistics. Advance placement credit may be considered adequate to fulfill one or more of these requirements of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association if the course is reflected on the student’s university transcript.

On admission an individual plan of study is developed with each student after review of previous coursework. The post-baccalaureate program provides flexibility with fall and spring start dates and full-time or part-time options. Here are some sample plans of study.

Section Course Title Credit Hrs Semester Offered
CSD-209 Clinical Phonetics 4 Fall (on campus)
Fall, Spring, & Summer (online)
CSD-303 Speech Science
(Prerequisite: CSD 209)
4 Spring (on campus)
Spring (online)
CSD-204 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech 4 Fall & Spring (on campus)
Fall (online)
CSD-307 Speech and Language Development 4 Spring (on campus)
Spring & Summer (online)
CSD-301 Professional Orientation to Communication Sciences and Disorders 2 Fall (online, includes on campus students)
CSD-310 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology 4 Spring (on campus & online)
Spring & Summer (online)
CSD-306 Clinical Observation 1 Fall (on campus)
Fall & Spring (online)
CSD-311 Introduction to Audiology* 4 Fall (on campus)
Fall (online)
CSD-312 Aural Rehabilitation* 2 Spring (on campus)
Spring & Summer (online)
Total Credits 29  

* Students who have completed CSD 300 (discontinued) will not need to take these classes.