Travel & Transportation | COVID-19

International Travel

Pacific University will allow undergraduate and graduate travel abroad under limited circumstances in the coming months.

Under the new guidelines, students who are fully vaccinated may be allowed to travel abroad based on State Department travel advisory levels and the restrictions set out by the destination country.

  • Students may be allowed to travel to locations under State Department Level 4 Travel Advisories if the advisory is in place due to COVID-19 alone. Level 4 advisories for any other reason will continue to prohibit travel, and Level 3 advisories will be subject to review, as normal.
  • Students must fulfill all other necessary requirements set by the destination location for entry and must be prepared to take full responsibility for understanding and meeting those requirements.
  • Students must agree to follow all public health precautions established by the destination country.
  • Students must sign a waiver form pertaining to travel under a Department of State level 4 Travel Advisory for COVID.

All Fall 2021 semester undergraduate study abroad programs will be reviewed under these guidelines two months prior to scheduled departure dates.

Local Travel

There are no restrictions on domestic travel.

Oregon regulations continue to require face mask use on public transit. This will apply to Pacific’s vans and buses.