Physical Therapy | DPT

The primary goal of the School of Physical Therapy is to graduate a well-rounded and highly competent clinician. Ten full-time faculty members with diverse clinical backgrounds, along with adjunct faculty, offer an entry-level curriculum that is well balanced in the areas of orthopedic, neurologic, and general physical therapy with attention to the needs of pediatric patients, geriatric patients, and other special populations.

Our program runs three academic years, with summers off. Starting at the end of the first year of study, clinical internships are intermixed with the academic coursework. By graduation, students have spent 36 weeks in full-time clinical internships. We currently affiliate with approximately 250 clinic sites in 13 states, with the majority in the Pacific Northwest.

Strengths of our Program

  • Clinically experienced faculty
  • Faculty that are easily accessible
  • Promotion of a positive learning environment
  • Bright, enthusiastic students
  • Focus on ethics
  • Focus on evidence based practice
  • Attention to practice without referral
  • 100 percent pass rate on the national licensing exam
  • Clinical internship placements are determined by a committee of students
  • As a part of the College of Health Professions, opportunities exist to interact with students in other healthcare fields

This is a full-time program of study that is 27 months in duration. A cohort of students enters each year in late August and courses typically are open only to students enrolled in the School of Physical Therapy.                

The sequencing of the following coursework may be altered at the discretion of the faculty

Year 1

Fall Credits
DPT-500: Human Anatomy I  4
DPT 510: Clinical Biomechanics I  4
DPT 520: Rehabilitation Neuroscience I      4
DPT 530: Physical Agents and Mechanical Modalities   3
DPT 540: Patient Assessment, Intervention & Therapeutic Modalities 2
DPT 561: Foundations of the Physical Therapy Profession I  1
DPT 750: Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists  .25
CHP-510: Inter-professional Competence: Theory & Practice I  .5
Total 18.75
Spring Credits
DPT-501: Human Anatomy II     3
DPT-511: Clinical Biomechanics II    4
DPT-522: Rehabilitation Neuroscience II and Motor Control       3
DPT-542: Principles of Therapeutic Exercise Progression and Motor Learning 3
DPT-562: Foundations of the Physical Therapy Profession II     1
DPT-590: Research Methods and Statistics    2
DPT-595: Introduction to Evidence Based Practice  2
DPT-650: Infectious, Immune and Metabolic Disorders   3
DPT-750: Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists .25
CHP-511: Inter-professional Competence: Theory & Practice II    .5
Total 21.75
Summer Credits
DPT-570: Clinical Internship I 4

Year 2

Fall Credits
DPT-612: Neuromuscular System: Examination & Intervention 4
DPT-632: Musculoskeletal Examination & Intervention for the Spine 4
DPT-646: Amputation Rehabilitation   2
DPT-653: Physicology & Pharmacology I 4
DPT-685: Pediatric Neuromuscular System: Examination & Interventions 3
DPT-750: Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists  .25
Total 17.25
Spring Credits
DPT-613: Adult Neuromuscular System: Examination & Intervention   2
DPT-633: Musculoskeletal Examination & Intervention for the Extremities 3
DPT-642: Clinical Internship II (6 weeks)   6
DPT-654: Physiology & Pharmacology II 2
DPT-670: Psychological Aspects of Illness/ Disability  2
DPT-680: Geriatrics and Gerontology   3
DPT-694: Critically Appraised Topics  2
DPT-750: Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists        .25
Total 20.25

Year 3

Fall Credits
DPT-701: Principles of Management & Supervision for Physical Therapists 4
DPT-710: Clinical Reasoning Seminar 2
DPT-723: Clinical Internship III (10 Weeks) 10
DPT-730: Professional Lecture Series 2
DPT-740: Introduction to Medical Imaging for Physical Therapists 1
DPT-750: Biomedical Ethics for Physical Therapists 1
DPT-790: Evidence Based Capstone Project 1
DPT-791*: Thesis  2
DPT-792: Educational Strategies for Physical Therapists 2
Total 22-23

*may be taken in place of DPT 790                                                                                                    

Spring (18 weeks) Courses
DPT-724: Clinical Internship IV  10
DPT-725: Clinical Internship V   9
DPT-790: Evidence Based Capstone Project    1
Total 20