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High quality clinical education is critical in preparing our students to be competent physical therapists. Integral to this is the development of top-notch clinical education sites and clinical instructors. We are extremely fortunate to have a supportive and highly skilled group of clinical instructors to work with our students. In assessing efficacy in this area, we adhere closely to the APTA guidelines for clinical sites and clinical instructors.

This page contains information for use by current physical therapy students, current clinical instructors, and physical therapists who would like to become clinical instructors for Pacific.

Internship Calendar


Clinical Internship III (3rd Year — 10 weeks)
Aug. 14 - Oct. 20, 2017


Clinical Internship II (2nd Year — 6 weeks)
Jan. 2 - Feb. 9, 2018

Clinical Internship IV (3rd Year — 10 weeks)
Jan. 2 - Mar.  9, 2018

Clinical Internship V (3rd Year — 9 weeks)
Mar. 12 - May 11, 2018

Clinical Internship I (1st Year — 4 weeks)
May 14 - Jun. 8, 2018

Internship III (3rd Year – 10 Weeks)
Aug. 13 – Oct. 19, 2018


Facility Clinical Education Manual

Overview of Clinical Education (pdf)

Developing and Maintaining a Clinical Education Program (pdf)

Curriculum Summary 2016-2017 (pdf)

Internship Syllabus - DPT 570

Internship Syllabus - DPT 642

Internship Syllabus - DPT 723, 724, 725

Weekly Objectives for Internships (pdf)

Course Descriptions by Semester (pdf)

Rights and Privileges for Clinical Instructors (pdf)

FERPA Information (pdf)

APTA Guidelines and Self-Assessments for Clinical Education (pdf)

APTA Reference Manual for CCCEs (pdf)

FAQs About Clinical Assignments (pdf)

Clinical Education for Students

The primary goal of the Pacific University School of Physical Therapy is to graduate well-rounded and highly competent clinicians ready to assume duties in any of the standard areas of physical therapy practice. Clinical education plays an important role in this and comprises approximately 40% of a student's time in the PT program.

Students are given the opportunity to provide input regarding their clinical placements by selecting from the 600+ sites with which Pacific is affiliated or by nominating a new site. Guidelines for nominating new sites can be found below.

Pacific uses Acadaware to manage our internships. Here, students are able to browse all affiliated sites or to narrow their search by location, care classification, or internship number. Through Acadaware, students also complete a profile to briefly describe themselves, their prior experiences, and their goals for upcoming internships. This information is then shared with sites to 'introduce' the student. Most required documentation for particular internships is stored in Acadaware so that students can access it at any time. Students receive training in using Acadaware during their first semester and use it throughout all three years of the program.  

Student Forms:

Clinical Site Nomination Guidelines (pdf)

Clinical Site Nomination Form (pdf)

Instructions for Contacting Clinical Sites (pdf)

Internship Timesheet (pdf)

FAQs About Clinical Assignments (pdf)

Clinical Education for Clinical Instructors

Quality clinical education is critical for effectively preparing our students to be competent physical therapists. Integral to this is the development of top-notch clinical education sites and clinical instructors. This page contains information for use by current clinical instructors and for physical therapists who would like to become clinical instructors for Pacific.

Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument (PT CPI)

Pacific's School of Physical Therapy utilizes the APTA PT CPI to assess the student's performance during their clinical education experience. The PT CPI is available to both the clinical instructor and student here.

How to Use PT CPI Web

  1. Complete the MANDATORY APTA PT CPI Web Training
    The one time online training and assessment program is free and consists of five training modules. Once the training is completed, and assessment is passed with at least 70%, a certificate for 0.2 CEU units becomes available. 
  2. Access PT CPI
    If you are a first time user, your login is created by the School of Physical Therapy. Your login will your email address that you have provided to us. Please update your information under profile.

User guide: Login at PT CPI

Forgot your login? Contact Alice Johnson

Forgot your password? Email PT CPI Web Support for assistance. The academic program cannot reset your password.

How to Become a Clinical Site

If you would like to become a clinical internship site for Pacific University, please contact Brian Wilkinson, Associate Director of Clinical Education.  

Continuing Education Opportunities in Clinical Education

APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program and Advanced Credentialed Clinical ​Instructor Program

This course addresses issues of planning and preparing for physical therapist students during their clinical internships, developing learning experiences, and supporting ongoing learning through questioning and effective feedback.

Skills of evaluations are discussed, as well as the identification and management of students with exceptional situations. The course also includes a look at legal implications for the clinical educator, including issues presented by ADA legislation.

The course is useful for both new and experienced physical therapist educators involved in clinical education. While the information presented covers the basic skills for clinical instructors, the interactive tasks and large and small group discussions will be of benefit even to experienced educators.

CSM - Education Section

The Northwest Intermountain Consortium Annual Conference

The Northwest Intermountain Consortium hosts a clinical education conference each fall. Registration information will be posted when it becomes available.

How to Receive Oregon Continuing Education Credits for being a CI

Starting May 15, 2012, Oregon licensed CIs who have been through a CI credentialing course may receive continuing education credit for being a CI. PTs will receive one credit hour for each 40 hours of direct clinical instruction. The maximum cumulative credit gained for serving as a clinical instructor shall be no more than one-third (8 hours) of the total continuing education requirement during any certification period. If you have not received your CEU certificate a week after the end of the internship, please contact Alice Johnson .

Library privileges for CIs

Clinical instructors are granted full privileges to Pacific University Libraries for one year from the date they take a student. Please contact Alice Johnson  to set up a library account. In the e-mail please provide the following information:

E-mail address
Phone number
Name of Clinic Site
Are you an alumnus?