Pacific's Residence Halls

Beyond being a comfortable place to live, Pacific's Residence Halls are at the heart of students' academic and social lives.

"I like living on campus because it's more intimate and a more true 'college experience.' The independence is a big part of growing up."
— Kellie Takamori

You will study, meet friends and grow as a person, all while being supported by professional and paraprofessional live-in staff members.

And being able to jump out of bed two minutes before class starts and still make it in time is just a bonus!

While individual hall rooms will vary in size and shape, each is furnished with a single bed, dresser, mirror, desk with overhead light, chair, bulletin board, mini-blinds, computer network connection, smoke detector, closet and storage space. Additionally, each hall contains recreational areas for watching TV, laundry facilities, kitchen facilities and vending machines. 

To find out which building you are could live in, check our Eligibility Requirements.