Residency Requirements and Waiver Information

Pacific University considers residence hall community living as one of the most valuable learning experiences of a student’s educational career.

Living in a residence hall is an important factor in the process of both social and academic growth. Residence halls foster a living-learning environment where students can develop interpersonal skills and intercultural understanding among students with diverse backgrounds.

Residency Requirements

  • Pacific University requires all students under 20 years of age by the first day of fall term to live and board on-campus unless the student has fulfilled the university's two-year residency requirement.
  • All students who sign a Housing Contract and move into housing are required to live and board on campus for the duration of the contract terms (full academic year).

Residency Waiver Information

  • Current students seeking an exemption from the University's residency requirement may pick up a form from the Housing Office located in Clark Hall.
  • New deposited student seeking an exemption can request a Residency Waiver Request form through the new student Housing Application.
  • The Residency Options Committee reviews received residency waiver requests once a month. The student is notified via their Pacific email account if the request is approved or denied.

    Possible residency exemptions include:

  • Living with an immediate family member (must be a parent, sibling, or legal guardian with an address within 20 miles of Pacific University, Forest Grove campus). Living with an immediate family member requires legal proof of residence, (e.g. a copy of the immediate family member’s Oregon driver’s license). The Residence Options Committee uses Google Maps to calculate the mileage between the immediate family member's address and Pacific University, 2043 College Way, Forest Grove, Oregon. The shortest distance displayed is used. Please Note the mileage exemption to live at home with an immediate family member is not an option once the Housing Contract period begins.
  • Being married. (Requires a copy of the marriage or domestic partnership license.)
  • Having a dependent child. (Requires a copy of the child’s birth certificate and any supporting documentation.)

Maintaining Housing Eligibility

Residents of campus housing must maintain the following eligibility requirements:

  • They are enrolled at Pacific University for at least 12 credit hours per semester.
  • They are in good standing with the Business Office on the day of registration for each term or prior to the assignment of a space.

Students may drop below the required credits for one semester if they gain approval by petition to the Department of Housing.

Residence Hall Age Requirements

Cascade Hall, Clark Hall, McCormick Hall or Walter Hall

These residence halls are generally for students 18 years old and older prior to the start of the Fall term.

Burlingham Hall or Gilbert Hall

These residence halls are for students that are 19 years old and older prior to the start of the Fall term or have fulfilled one year of the two-year residency requirement.

Vandervelden Court

This residence hall is for students that are 20 years old and older prior to the start of the Fall term or have fulfilled the two-year residency requirement.