How to Apply for Pacific University Housing

Living in campus housing offers an unparalleled experience to be part of a vibrant and diverse community, where every day brings new opportunities to connect, grow, and have fun! We look forward to helping you feel at home here at Pacific University.

How to Complete your Housing Application

The Academic Year 23-24 Housing Application opens May 8 for new students. Pacific uses a software program called eRezlife to manage campus living. eRezlife allows you to complete your housing application, indicate roommate preferences and review additional resources and bulletins pertaining to living at Pacific University. Click here for a step-by-step guide for how students can apply for housing and make roommate groups. Housing applications are due by June 6, 2023, though we recommend that you sign up as soon as you are able.

Housing & Dining Contract

Before a student submits their housing application, they will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the 2023-2024 housing and dining contract. After submitted the application, they will be sent a link to the contract via their Pacific email. We encourage students and families read this agreement to understand the various terms and conditions of living in college-provided housing.

Accommodations for Student with Disabilities

The Office of Accessibility & Accommodation (OAA) services provides reasonable accommodations in campus housing to students with disabilities. 

Students with new housing accommodation requests should register with OAA and submit disability documentation to the OAA office. Information about how to register and submit documentation can be found here.

Roommate and Room Assignment Information

Campus Living will spend June reviewing all incoming student housing applications, making room assignments and matching roommates. As this is a significant task, this will take several weeks to complete. Students can expect to receive their room assignment and roommate(s) information by July.

Living on Campus

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Canceling a Submitted Housing Contract

Before the June 6 application deadline, students are able to withdraw* a housing application after submitting one in the eRezlife system by clicking "Housing overview" on the left, then selecting "withdraw application" for the appropriate application.

After June 6, students who request to cancel their housing contract are subject to the terms of the contract. All contract cancelations must be in writing, from the student, and delivered to Students must meet eligibility requirements to live off campus before a cancelation request can be processed.

Fall term applicants: Cancelation fees for students who have room reservations for Fall and cancel them prior to taking occupancy:

  • Before May 31, 2023: $100
  • June 1 - June 30, 2023: $200
  • July 1 - July 31, 2023: $300
  • August 1 – or later: $400

New Winter term applicants will have until December 13, 2023 to cancel their Contract without a cancelation fee. After this date, they will receive a $300 cancelation fee to cancel their contract pre-Occupancy.

New Spring term applicants will have until January 10, 2023 to cancel their Contract without a cancelation fee. After this date, they will receive a $300 cancelation fee to cancel their contract pre-Occupancy.

Fee exceptions: Students who cancel their housing due to no longer being enrolled (i.e. withdrawing, graduating, being called to active military duty) will not receive a cancelation fee as long as they provide relevant information when canceling their contract.

*Note: Students who participated and selected housing via the spring Housing Lottery are not able to withdraw their applications at this time, as they already have room reservations. Any cancelations will result in fees detailed under the "Fall term applicants" section.