Campus houses provide students a special opportunity to live in a house while still being close to the best campus offerings.

Houses are furnished with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, and a dining room table and chairs. Each resident of the house will be provided a twin bed, a closet or wardrobe, drawers/dresser, and a desk and chair. Pacific will pay for electricity, water, garbage and recycling, internet, and basic landscaping care. Students living in houses will need to bring their own cleaning supplies, including brooms and vacuums.

For current pricing information, please see the Housing Rates page.


  • Environmental House: based on an application and selection process. Only 2nd year students and above are eligible to live in this house.
  • Pine House, Stadium House: being an undergraduate student with over 60 completed credits at time of application or being a graduate student.

Pine House  |  2335 Main Street

2335 Main Street House - a one-story house with two windows at the front. There is a concrete ramp to the front door and stairs going to the right.

  • Total occupancy: 3 students
  • 1 single bedroom, 1 double bedroom
  • Living room, kitchen, dining nook, study, one bathroom
  • Washer and dryer provided

Stadium House  |  2410 Sunset Dr

  • Total occupancy: 4 students
  • 2 downstairs single bedrooms and 2 upstairs single bedrooms
  • Living room, kitchen, dining area, study, one downstairs bathroom
  • View of Hanson Stadium from the living room
  • Washer and dryer provided

Environmental House  |  2415 Main Street

  • Total occupancy: six students
  • Two single bedrooms and two double bedrooms
  • Living room, kitchen, two bathrooms
  • Washer and dryer provided

The Environmental House is for students who are interested in protecting the environment and supporting the sustainability efforts of the University. The Environmental House grounds are home to the Boxer Gardens, a teaching and learning space, as well as a space for University gatherings. 

Students who live in the Environmental House will be expected to serve as role models on campus and in the broader community by making sustainability part of their everyday life by trying to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, make informed food choices, limiting car use, and minimize their negative impact on the environment. The students in the Environmental House have two faculty advisors, Ramona Ilea and Rich Van Buskirk. They will advise students on various tasks related to living in the Environmental House. Students who live in the Environmental House must commit to leading relevant events on campus and hosting events at the Environmental House. Students who complete these responsibilities receive partial room remission from the standard house room rate, as detailed in the application process.