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Pick Your Place lets students enrolled in Spring 2024 courses reserve housing for the 2024-2025 academic year. Discover all you need to know about our room reservation process, key dates, housing options, and more. Get ready to secure your space for the upcoming year by reading our Get Started Guide!


During February and March, each student will complete their application and room and board contract, form a roommate group, receive a designated selection time, and log in during their timeslot to select their room. There is no entrance fee or deposit required, but if you select a room and cancel your reservation, cancelation fees apply.

Students who don't participate in Pick Your Place will participate in the housing assignment process with new students over the summer.

We're here to help. While we hope this page answers most of your questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at reslife@pacificu.edu.

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Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

To participate, you must be a current student enrolled in Spring 2024 and planning to enroll in Fall 2024 courses. New students who will enroll for the first time in Summer or Fall can find their process information here.

Undergraduate students are required to live on campus and have a full meal plan for 4 full semesters, unless they qualify for an exemption. Full semesters include Fall and Spring, and exclude Summer and January Term.

All students who have not fulfilled the residency requirement are required to have a full meal plan, no matter where they live on campus. Additionally, students who have fulfilled the residency requirement and live in rooms/units without full kitchens must have a full meal plan. There are no exemptions provided for the meal plan requirement. 

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Wednesday, February 21: Applications & Contracts available 
  • Friday, March 15 at 5 pm: Applications & Contracts due
  • Thursday, March 21: Students are notified of their selection timeslots
  • April 1 - 7: Room selection occurs; students select during their assigned timeslots
  • April 7 at 11:59 pm: Room selection closes
  • August 22: Move-in
  • August 23: Meal plan starts

Get Started Guide

Click here to view our Pick Your Place Get Started Guide, which shows you how to use eRezlife to apply, sign your contract, find roommates, form a roommate group, and select your space.


  • To participate in the room selection process, you must meet all published deadlines, including those to submit your application/contract, as well as selecting a space.
  • By participating in Pick Your Place and signing a contract, you agree to abide by all University rules and regulations. If you provide false or misleading information to manipulate the system to give yourself or someone else an advantage, you may lose your right to choose space in any campus housing and face disciplinary action.
  • No guarantee is made that the space you wish to reside in will be available for selection, but you will be guaranteed a campus housing space. A waitlist process will be advertised after Pick Your Place for students who wish to seek a room reservation change.
  • Selection timeslots will be assigned based on credits. Students with higher credits will have earlier appointments.
  • Campus Living reserves the right to manage occupancy in campus housing at its discretion, which includes the ability to hold specific rooms out of the Pick Your Place selection process, or setting requirements that students must meet in order to select certain spaces. For example:
    • Certain rooms may require roommate groups of a specific size to fill them, making individuals or smaller groups ineligible to select beds in those spaces.
    • Specific spaces may not be selectable in the Pick your Place process. Reasons for this include but are not limited to: holding spaces for students with disability-related accommodations, staff, or other strategic needs.
  • As noted in the housing and meal plan contract, the University reserves the right to reassign residents to another room or residence, or change the occupancy configuration of a room, at any time. Examples of circumstances requiring reassignments include, but are not limited to: consolidating space, conserving energy, closing part or all of a residence hall, and utilizing an ADA-designated space for an ADA room accommodation. Campus Living will communicate with you as soon as possible if this needs to occur, and works to provide as close a match to your original room reservation as possible.

Accommodations for Student with Disabilities

The Office of Accessibility & Accommodation (OAA) provides reasonable accommodations in campus housing to students with disabilities. 

Students with new housing accommodation requests should register with OAA and submit disability documentation to the OAA office. Information about how to register and submit documentation can be found here.

Canceling a Room Reservation

Before the March 15, 2024 application deadline, students are able to withdraw a housing application after submitting one in the eRezlife system by clicking "Housing overview" on the left, then selecting "withdraw application" for the appropriate application.

After March 15, new students who request to cancel their housing contract are subject to the terms of the contract. All contract cancelations must be in writing, from the student, and delivered to reslife@pacificu.edu.

Students must meet eligibility requirements to live off campus before a cancelation request can be processed.

Once a student has reserved or been assigned a room, cancelation fees apply. The following fees will be applied to your student account if you cancel, as long as you haven't taken occupancy/the housing term hasn't started:

  • Before May 31, 2024: $200
  • June 1 - June 30, 2024: $400
  • July 1 - July 31, 2024: $600
  • August 1 – start of the housing term: $800

Fee exceptions: Students who cancel their housing due to no longer being enrolled (i.e. withdrawing, graduating, being called to active military duty) will not receive a cancelation fee as long as they provide relevant information when canceling their contract.

Additionally, students who are approved to break their housing contract mid-term are subject to the contract cancellation fees posted under the "Petition for In-Term Contract Release" section of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t figure out how to get paired with my roommate. Help! 

No worries - we got you. Check out the How to Find a Roommate through the Roomeez function section of the Getting Started Guide.

Q: How do I get ready for my selection timeslot?

The very best way to get prepared is to log into eRezLife, preview rooms, and favorite a lot of spaces that you're interested. Don't favorite just a couple--favorite a lot so you have quick access to view as many rooms as possible via your "favorites" list at the time of your appointment. Then, you won't need to seach by building and floor for the room type you're interested in.

Q: How are the room selection timeslots determined?

Timeslot groups are determined by the amount of academic credits you have already completed. In general, students with higher number of completed credits will be able to select sooner than those who have completed fewer credits. When your timeslot opens, you and other students with similar levels of credits will be able to select a room. Most timeslots open between Monday and Wednesday, April 1-3, 2024.

Q: What do I do if my selection timeslot starts when I have a commitment (class, work, etc.)?

No worries--your timeslot is simply when you are able to start selecting your space and doesn't have an immediate end time. When you are available, you can log into eRez and select your room, as long as you do it before selection closes on April 7 at 11:59 pm. Alternatively, anyone in your roommate group can select for you during their timeslot.

Q: Do I need a group leader for my roommate group?

Nope! Anyone in your roommate group can select a space once their timeslot opens, as long as each person has designated that roommate group as "My Choice."

Q: Can I change my room after I select it? What if I accidentally selected the wrong room?

You can cancel your current reservation and choose from alternate available rooms until the advertised room selection deadline. However, be aware that if you cancel your room reservation, someone else will likely take it. Once the selection time ends, room reservations are set. A waitlist process will be advertised after Pick Your Place for students who wish to seek a room reservation change.

Q: Can I ensure my roommates share my gender?

All residential buildings are gender-inclusive with the exception of a men's wing and a women's wing, both in Walter Hall. During Pick Your Place, you can form a roommate group with students to fill a room, suite, or apartment to match your gender. Otherwise, students of all genders can live together.

Q: Can I hold a space for incoming new student?

Pick Your Place is Pacific’s process for current students, and incoming students participate in a separate application process later in the summer. If you are looking to room with an incoming student, we suggest selecting a space during Pick Your Place, then participating in our waitlist process to request to be placed in a different space with the incoming student. The new student would also need to email reslife@pacificu.edu to be placed with you. The waitlist form will open in early April, and we'll start processing requests after Pick Your Place wraps up. 

Q: I’m studying abroad in the Fall. How do I pick a room?

Pick Your Place is for students who will be living on campus in the fall, so we will reach out to you in late October to work on a placement for when you return to campus. At that time, we’ll be able to give you more information about available spaces. 

Q: I have a disability-related housing accommodation, how do I select a room? 

If you have a current accommodation, staff will be connecting with you soon to give you more information about the selection process. If you are interested in seeking an accommodation, please connect with the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations to get started.

Q: I have so many more questions!

Great! We’re here for it. Connect with us in the UC on February 28th, March 6th and March 15th from 10a-1p. Or! You can set up an appointment to come to Clark and meet with us to discuss specifics - use this link to schedule with Andra and use this link to schedule with Natalie.

Housing policies, fees, and protocols are subject to change.

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