Faculty | MAT In Special Education Master of Arts in Teaching

Headshot of Jenelle Braun-Monegan
Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Braun-Monegan has worked as an educational researcher and program evaluator, school psychologist (in Oregon, California, and Alaska), program specialist, and doctoral committee chair. She holds licenses in school psychology and administration, and is a registered counseling intern in the state of Oregon. She is currently a visiting Professor at Pacific University in Eugene Oregon.

Associate Professor

Bryan joined the faculty of the School of Learning and Teaching in the fall of 2016. He is an assistant professor whose work centers on the nexus of special education and multicultural education, especially as this applies to the use of Functional Behavior Assessment in inclusive school settings. He has experience as an educator at all levels from pre-kindergarten to graduate school in both regular and special education environments.  Immediately prior to starting at Pacific, Bryan was a fixed-term professor of special education at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota (2010 to 2014) and then worked for two years as a special education teacher in the Hillsboro, Oregon school district (2014-2016).

Professor of Education

Catherine E. Kim is a specialist in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages), second language acquisition, and bilingualism. 

Professor of Education

Dr. Steve Rhine comes to Pacific University after serving as Professor of Education at Willamette University for 19 years. He received his doctorate from UCLA in Administration, Curriculum and Teaching Studies. Before entering teacher education he taught high school mathematics and was a counselor in Los Angeles, California.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sellers holds a Ph.D.in Educational Policy Studies from Georgia State University and teaches courses in Educational Foundations, Disability Studies, Research Methods, and Special Education. She currently serves as the Coordinator of Pacific University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Education & Learning and as Chair for Pacific's minor in Disability Studies. Before coming to Pacific, Dr. Sellers served as Executive Director of Special Education for Fulton County Schools in Atlanta, Georgia. Her research focuses on curricular and structural (in)equity in schools, teacher identity, and educational policy and its impact on disabled students and families. Dr. Sellers has also conducted research and published articles on the history of disability and special education, particularly in the southern U.S. When she isn’t in her office, look for Dr. Sellers on her bicycle, at a Portland Thorns game, or digging in her garden.

Todd Twyman
Associate Professor

Todd Twyman's research focuses on developing classroom-based assessment to increase K-12 student achievement.