Journal of Human Rights & Social Justice

Pacific University’s Master of Social Work Journal of Human Rights and Social Justice offers MSW students a place to contribute to the development of social work as a human rights profession. The aim of the journal is to bring together academic, personal, activist, and artistic knowledge that addresses human rights and social justice in social work locally and abroad. Submitted work may explore the intersection and interrelationship of human rights, social justice, and social work in addressing systems of inequality: such as race, class, gender, and sexuality, among others; specific issues: such as homelessness, mental health, mass incarceration, and, immigration; and global, macro, mezzo, or micro practice implications within a human rights and social justice frame.

We are at a critical time in history where human rights are constantly being exploited and violated. This year we are looking for collective awareness and action by inviting interdisciplinary masters level students locally and abroad to submit to the 2nd edition of the MSW Journal of Human Rights & Social Justice.
We welcome contributions of diverse academic papers, personal essays, poetry, or artwork that address human rights and social justice related to violence, poverty, the environment, indigenous and gender rights, among others… and the impact on human experience.


Manuscripts are currently under review for the Fall 2018 edition. Authors will be notified shortly.