University Council Committees 2016-2017

The University Council oversees the following University Standing committees. These committees bring proposals for action to the University Council. Chapter 2 of the University Faculty and Governance Handbook lists the details of the committee responsibilities. 

Please note: As of February 2016 we have recently changed our document storage system and links are in the process of being updated. If you are unable to access the link, please contact with your request for committee minutes.

Health and Safety Advisory Committee

Acting Chair: Cindy Schuppert |

Judicial Oversight Committee

Chair: TBD

Student Conduct Board

Staff Advisor: Lindsey Blem |

University Diversity Committee

Chair: Pete Erschen (2016-17) |

University Finance Committee

Chair: Rachel Arkoosh (2017-18) |

University Honors and Awards Committee

Chair: Deke Gundersen (2017-18) |

Healthcare Clinic Compliance Committee

Chair: Carole Timpone |

University Technology Committee

Chair: Maria Kessler-McShane (2017-18) |

University Council - University Standing Committees Membership 2017-2018