Internet & Online Communications

Pacific University uses a variety of online communications to connect and engage with the diverse Pacific community, our internal stakeholders and our external audiences. In order to achieve this, we help educate staff, faculty and students on available resources and provide university brand guidelines for using each of these communication channels. Following these guidelines will assist in creating more engaging, actionable content that resonates with various audiences.

The Office of Marketing & Communications maintains the overall style, branding and messaging of all communication efforts across the university. Compliance with university guidelines and brand standards ensures a better overall experience for all of our audiences.

Pacific University Website

The Office of Marketing & Communications maintains the overall style and presentation of the university website. All of our content sits on the university server, and all of our webpages are created within our customized content management system and our online standards.

We can assist with developing a website strategy and our web editor resources provide support and guidance for those who have been set up to edit the university website.

Social Media & Blogs

Social media and blogs are terrific ways to connect and communicate with specific audiences. If you are interested in using social media for business purposes at Pacific University, the Office of Marketing & Communications will assist you in creating your social media account(s). We will carefully evaluate your request to see if social media is the best fit for your communication plan and audience and if so, provide assistance and guidance in setting up the appropriate account(s).