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Interim Director and Associate Professor, School of Occupational Therapy

Sean’s OT career has focused on promoting the role of occupational therapy in mental health.  He works at the local, national, and international levels to advocate for innovative approaches to promote mental health recovery and quality of life for all.  He specializes in supported education, peer supports for dual diagnosis (mental illness and substance misuse), and early intervention for mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and major depression.

Assistant Professor

Sarah Foidel’s research and clinical practice interests include neurologic conditions, quality of life in both with dementia, functional vision, and functional cognition.

She is an Assistant Professor within the School of Occupational Therapy.

Assistant Professor

Shruti Gadkari is an assistant professor in the school of Occupational Therapy. Her research and teaching interests are in the field of pediatrics, specifically early childhood, family centered practice of care and sensory integration as well as evidence based practice. She has worked in pediatric inpatient, outpatient and school based settings. She also holds advanced certification in Sensory Integration and online teaching.

She hopes to translate her clinical expertise to the classroom; to help prepare students to function in a dynamic healthcare environment and be able to use the power of occupations for health promotion.

photo of Caroline Harkins McCarty
Assistant Professor

Caroline Harkins McCarty’s work focuses on supports for children with disabilities and their families. Her additional scholarly interests include foster care, adoption, and family occupations. She has taught and worked within a variety of pediatric settings, and especially loves working with children in their everyday contexts of families and schools.  

Assistant Professor

Diana Honorat is a pediatric occupational therapist who completed her post-professional clinical doctorate in occupational therapy from St. Catherine University. Her interests and final project involved curriculum evaluation of international occupational therapy programs using the World Federation of Occupational Therapy standards.

Diana is passionate about holistic occupational therapy and mental health and continues to explore how to merge the two in therapy. She is also an advocate for inserting occupational therapy in novel community based practice settings.

Diana believes that experiential learning yields reflective practitioners—a key to promoting and utilizing evidence-based practice.

In her spare time, you can find Diana trying a new recipe, teaching or practicing yoga, reiki and meditation, or being of service. She loves spending time with her husband and little girl exploring their surroundings through nature-based activities.

Associate Professor

Steve Park's research involves evaluation of client-centred outcomes, quality of spending time day-to-day, leisure, and aging.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Halley Read, MOT, OTR/L joined Pacific University’s School of Occupational Therapy in July of 2017. Her interests and teaching efforts will be in promoting understanding of mental wellness through the occupational therapy lens, exploring how occupational therapy can promote community health and wellness, and identifying solutions for the healthcare challenges practitioners and consumers face.  Planning to pursue her doctoral degree in the Fall of 2018, emerging scholarship interests for Ms. Read are in translational health science (understanding how to use data and research outcomes effectively in healthcare), healthcare leadership and how to combine occupational therapy with a community health approach to promote recovery and wellness for all.

Assistant Professor

Alisa Jordan Sheth has a PhD in Disability Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is interested in studying the ways in which the field of disability studies can be effectively incorporated into occupational therapy education, practice, and research to foster critical reflection and responsiveness to the needs of the communities we serve. Clinically, she has experience working as an occupational therapist with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), their families, and other caregivers across the lifespan, from school-based services to end of life care. She has a scholarly focus on creating opportunities for people with I/DD to participate in research activities and share their experiences and perspectives, as well as better understanding the aging needs of the I/DD community.


John’s practice career focused on the psychosocial and physical effects of rehabilitation on disability in a wide range of settings across the U.S. and internationally.  More recently he’s advocating an occupational justice approach for the profession through research and practice, as in his work at the county jail addiction treatment program. Other research projects address: the history of occupational science, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the impact of summer camp-like experiences on people with aphasia (a communication disorder), their family members, and interprofessional students who volunteer to work with them.

Jeffrey Yu
Assistant Professor

Chih-Huang Yu has mainly worked with adults with physical dysfunctions in acute care, in- and out-patient units, as well as community settings in Taiwan. His current clinical practice and research interests are applying occupation-based interventions for persons with physical dysfunction, including hand injuries and stroke. Chih-Huang is also a certified scuba instructor and loves trying new food.

Fieldwork Coordinator

Mary Greer, PhD, OTR/L joined the faculty at Pacific University in the fall of 2017 as an academic fieldwork coordinator and assistant professor. Her primary responsibility is overseeing clinical education of students during level II fieldwork rotations. Dr. Greer has been involved in fieldwork education for over 20 years in her previous position as academic fieldwork coordinator at. A. T. Still University in Mesa, AZ. She has clinical experience in the areas of adult and child mental health and has worked with children with severe disabilities in school settings.

Dr. Greer has a PhD in curriculum and instruction from Arizona State University, a master's degree in management of public services from DePaul University and a degree in occupational therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Associate Professor Emeritus

Tiffany Boggis brings a complementary mix of clinical expertise, business prowess and teaching experiences to the School of Occupational Therapy.