Peace & Social Justice Faculty

Director of Center for Peace and Spirituality, University Chaplain, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Rev. Currie spent 17 years working directly on issues related to homelessness and housing before earning his master of divinity degree. He has worked to build interfaith coalitions to address critical national issues, such as healthcare, gun violence, climate change and immigration reform.


Alyson Burns-Glover is a professor of psychology whose research areas and specializations include Gender, Culture, and Personal Relatinships; Ethnic Identity and Sociocultura Psychology; Environmental Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors; and Personality and Social Identity Effects on Academic Performance.

Photo of Ramona Illea
Associate Professor
Ramona Ilea teaches philosophy and ethics at Pacific University.

Larry Lipin teaches American history and currently studies a female journalist and her interpretation of progressive reform.


Martha Rampton is Pacific University's medievalist. She concentrates on the early medieval period with an emphasis on social history and the activities and roles of women.

Assistant Professor
Jaye Cee Whitehead is an alumna — and now assistant professor — of Pacific University's sociology program.