Learning Outcomes | Peace & Social Justice

After Pacific | Students who complete a minor in peace and social justice are well-prepared, informed and active citizens. Their experiences and insights are especially valuable in careers in civic engagement, such as law, education, business, government, medicine, social work and the nonprofit sector. Our graduates teach conflict resolution, work in nonprofit organizations and human resources departments, and serve in AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To provide an opportunity for students to engage in interdisciplinary study of issues related to human rights and social justice
  • To examine the role of violence, war, conflict and peacemaking in domestic and global politics, culture and governance
  • To build students’ skills in managing and resolving conflict

Program Purpose

This is an interdisciplinary minor comprised of courses that address program issues and themes. They investigate the causes and manifestations of social injustice and violence in self, in society, and in the world of nations and explore alternatives to violent resolution of conflict. Students are encouraged to develop a closely reasoned philosophical position on peace and social justice that can have lifelong application.