Admissions Criteria | Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Admissions Committee considers many factors when making admission decisions.


  • Strength and breadth of your academic record
  • Completion of 62 semester credits of prerequisites


  • At least two PharmCAS references forms

Personal Statements

  • Quality of your writing as demonstrated by the personal narrative on the PharmCAS application and in the Pacific University supplemental application essays

Knowledge of Pharmacy Profession and Pacific

  • Understanding and knowledge of the pharmacy profession, as well as a clear sense of why a career in pharmacy and attending Pacific University’s School of Pharmacy is congruent with your overall life goals, plans and values


  • Depth and breadth of community/volunteer activities and cultural awareness
  • Content of application forms and the care in which you have prepared them

Interview Selection

Based on the criteria listed above, which is demonstrated in the PharmCAS and supplemental applications, selected applicants are invited for the on-campus interview. The interview is required and is a contributing factor in the admission decision. It allows the Admissions Committee to assess essential skills and traits that may not be reflected in the applications.

In the interview, consideration is given to knowledge of the profession, motivation toward a career in pharmacy, ability to think clearly and logically, poise, self-confidence, warmth, and verbal expression of ideas.


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