Student Jury Duty Service Policy


Pacific University recognizes the importance of jury duty as a civic responsibility and aims to support students who have received a juror summons by offering reasonable academic and institutional support, keeping in mind that students may ask the court to defer their service to a later date. Students who are called to serve on a jury should consult with their instructors and academic advisors about the impact of their jury service on their course work and academic progress. Depending on the timing of the jury summons, students may wish to defer service and can consult their college dean for a letter of support if permitted or requested by the court.

In the event a student serves on a jury, the student is responsible for reporting her/his/their service and expected absences to instructors and academic advisor as soon as possible. Read more about faculty and student obligations within the policy document. 

PUNID required to view policy document. 


Tuesday, June 1, 2021