Cultural Collections Deaccessioning Policy


Pacific University has maintained unique collections of artifacts, art, and archival records for many years. While the great majority of these materials will remain at Pacific indefinitely, occasionally some items need to be transferred or discarded – a process formally described as “deaccessioning” – from our permanent collections. Professional guidelines for museums and archives recommend that formal standards for deaccessioning be created and maintained by collecting institutions. This policy provides: standards for considering materials for deaccessioning; the authorities and restrictions on making deaccessioning decisions; and the valid means of disposal or transfer of deaccessioned materials.

Cultural Collections Deaccessioning Policy

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022

In-Library Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy


The Pacific University Libraries seek to advance critical inquiry, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation through dynamic services, spaces, and collections. The Libraries’ enactment of this mission is guided by our core values, which prioritize providing opportunities to engage with diverse ideas, providing services that contribute to equitable access to information, and the use of inclusive approaches to delivering services.

Aligned with this mission and these values, the Libraries provide information technology resources — desktop and laptop computers configured to allow unfiltered access to subscribed and open Internet information resources — that are available both to Pacific University students, staff, and faculty and to external community patrons for use in Libraries facilities. The primary intended purpose of these resources is to support the teaching, learning, research, service, and administrative activities of the Pacific community; a secondary purpose is to support the personal information technology/resource needs of the Pacific community and the academic and personal needs of external community members.

Access to these information technology resources and to subscribed and open Internet resources is provided in compliance with the American Library Association’s (ALA) Library Bill of Rights and the ALA Access to Digital Resources and Services: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights statement.

This Computer/Internet Use Policy is intended to elaborate on and extend the Pacific University Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology policy; library computer users should refer to that policy as the primary source of parameters, rights, and restrictions on the use of information technology in Libraries facilities.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Library Privacy Policy


Pacific University Libraries are committed to respecting users’ privacy and acknowledge the role that privacy plays in fulfilling the Libraries’ mission to advance critical inquiry, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation. This policy’s purpose is to inform users about: 

  • How the Libraries handle personally identifiable information that may be collected
  • Actions the Libraries take in order to protect users’ privacy
  • Users’ rights while engaging with Libraries’ resources

This policy only applies to the Libraries’ website and any other web service hosted on behalf of the Libraries and does not cover any external service or site, even if it is linked from the Libraries’ resources.

Monday, Oct. 19, 2020