Neuropsychology Track | Clinical Psychology PsyD

The goal of the Neuropsychology Track is to provide students with graduate training in  adult neuropsychology that will serve as the foundation for internship and post-doctoral training leading to Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology. The track is based on the Houston Conference Guidelines for graduate training in neuropsychology. All neuropsychology track students have obtained APA approved internships, 95 percent in either medical schools or VA medical centers. The track consists of three principle components: curriculum, practicum and research.


Michael Daniel, PhD | Director

Required Courses (2017 cohort and later)

  • Neuropsychological Assessment + Lab
  • Neuropsychology Seminar I - IV
  • Part-time Clinical Fieldwork concurrent with Practicum II (3 terms) 

​Neurosciences and Behavior (Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Medical School course) - Highly Recommended


Other Requirements

Dissertation must focus on an adult neuropsychology topic

Each student completes four one-year neuropsychology full-time practica. Sites include:

  • Department of Psychiatry, OHSU Medical School – Adult
  • Department of Psychiatry, OHSU Medical School – Pediatric
  • Portland Veteran's Administration Medical Center – Psychology Service
  • Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon – Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
  • Westside Neurology
  • Kaiser Interstate Medical Center
  • Pediatric Development and Rehabilitation – Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
  • Assessment Team – Pacific Psychology Clinic, School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University

Part-time Clinical Fieldwork concurrent with Practicum II