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We're seeking two new Voyage Coordinators to lead the charge for Voyages 2022! These are top-level student leadership positions that require an array of skills. If you have what it takes to make the magic happen, see this Voyage Coordinator Job Description and submit this Voyage Coordinator Application NOW.


We're also hiring both new & return Trip Leaders to learn, train, grow, and LEAD the Voyages Experience. You are the front line field staff that make the magic that is Voyages a reality! Please read this Voyage Leader Job Description and submit this Voyage Leader Application to Voyages headquarters. 

The Voyages Family

We are proud of this amazing group of Pacific staff, faculty, and students that make up the Voyages Team, and work year-round to make Voyages the best experience it can be. We come from many different geographical origins and a wide range of backgrounds but are brought together by our shared passions for the outdoors and connecting with others.

We hope to see YOU on a Voyage!

Sam Morrison

Justin Hall (he/him/his)
Assistant Director of Outdoor Pursuits | Voyages Coordinator


Welcome and congratulations on choosing Voyages to start your adventure at Pacific! I'm excited meet you in August, and hope to provide y'all with a fun, exciting, and memorable experience alongside other incoming students, faculty, and Voyages staff.

Arni GmeinerArni Gmeiner(they/them)
Voyages Coordinator | Music Therapy '22
Hi, I'm Arni Gmeiner! I love being in the outdoors, whether it's hiking, backpacking, rafting, swimming, or just hanging out in the sun. I'm from Spokane, Washington so I've been in the PNW for as long as I can remember, and I'm always happiest with trees nearby. My freshman year I went on the sea kayaking voyage and I had an amazing time, and felt so much more comfortable going into college when there were people that I had spent time with going through the same thing. Can't wait to go adventuring with you!

Aj CummingsAJ Cummings(he/him/his)
Voyages Coordinator | Public Health and Math '22
Hello, hello!! I’m super stoked to help ya’ll begin to explore the outdoors and other offerings that the PNW has to offer! This will be my fourth year in the voyages program and I couldn’t be more stoked to introduce you to our school. I tend to stick to only a few outdoor activities, mainly hiking, climbing, and slack/high-lining but the outdoors in general is one of my passions. I’m a (relative) local coming out of SE Portland, here at Pacific I'm studying Public Health and Math with a focus on Pre-Med. I can’t wait to meet all of you and bring you on an adventure meeting friends that I doubt you’ll be able to forget!

image1.jpgGrant McLuskie (he/him/his)
Voyages Leader | Kinesiology '22

My name is Grant McLuskie and I am one of your Voyages Leaders! This is my fourth year being apart of Voyages and I have never been so stoked! I am studying Kinesiology and Outdoor Leadership. I am from Bend Oregon and grew up going on many adventures. Getting outside is one of my favorite things and I love sharing the experiences with other people. My passions are skiing, rock climbing, slack/high lining, surfing, and backpacking. My freshman year I went on the surf voyage and had the time of my life. Some of the people on my voyage are still my best friends today and going on the voyage really has made my college experience exponentially better. Super stoked to meet all of you!!

Roman SteinRoman Stein(he/him/his)
Voyages Leader | Computer Science '22
Hay! My name is Roman Stein and I am excited to enjoy mother nature with you all! I am a Senior computer science major here at Pacific. I love to jump off of tall things and ride the river. See you Soon!

Kristin PilgrimKristin Pilgrim(she/her/hers)
Voyages Leader | Biology '22
Hey y’all! My name is Kristin. I grew up getting outdoors with my family and friends by camping, hiking and skiing. My passion for the PNW leaded me to Pacific and Oregon. You can catch me climbing, kayaking or hiking during my space time. I am studying biology and outdoor leadership. I am on the cross country and track teams here. This is my fourth year being apart of voyages! I am stroked to go explore the PNW this August with all of you!!

Aubrey RomeroAubrey Romero(she/her/hers)
Voyages Leader | Applied Sustainability '22
Hello all you awesome people!! My name is Aubrey and I am from sunny Palm Springs California! I am majoring in Applied Sustainability and minoring in Outdoor Leadership. I am so stoked to meet all of you and get outside. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are whitewater kayaking, rafting, surfing, hiking, and skiing. Voyages is a great opportunity to see all that the PNW has to offer. Can't wait to meet you all. Welcome to Pacific!!!

Maya Fowler(she/he/hers)Maya Fowler
Voyages Leader | Biology '23
Hey!! My name is Maya Fowler and I am one of your 2021 Voyage Leaders! I am a Junior here at Pacific majoring in chemistry and dance. I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada, and found a love for the PNW during my voyage. This will be my second time leading a Voyage and I couldn't be more excited to experience the wonders of nature with y’all. Can’t wait to meet you!

Joeseph SchmitzJoseph Schmitz(he/him/his)
Voyages Leader | Business Management and International Business '22
Howdy, I’m Joseph Schmitz also known as Yukon Joe. I am from Silverton Oregon, and spent my childhood working on my grandparents' farm and exploring the Oregon woods. Backpacking is my main outdoor activity, and I try and combine that with my other passion of traveling as much as I can. I am working towards being a National Geographic expedition director, but currently I have been training to do wildland fire fighting during the summers. Looking forward to seeing you on our voyages and having an extraordinary time on our adventure! 

Izzy OlsonIzzy Olson(she/her/hers)
Voyages Leader | Music Therapy '23
Hey ya'll! I'm Izzy, a junior music therapy major here at Pacific. I'm so stoked to be apart of voyages again this year! I am from a little town north of Seattle, and the majority of my time growing up has been spent adventuring with my family, mostly rock climbing, skiing, surfing, and backpacking. When I'm not outside you can usually find me playing bass, doing yoga, and drinking coffee.  I can't wait to explore and share all the wonders of the outdoors with you guys! See you soon!

Kayla CooleyKayla Cooley(she/her/hers)
Voyages Leader | Spanish & Education and Learning '22
Howdy Folks! I’m a Senior here at pacific, and I am majoring in Spanish and Elementary Education, and minoring in Dance. I have always felt the most at peace outdoors, and some of my favorite outdoor activities are rafting, camping, surfing, and reading or journaling nestled in a tree or a comfy patch of grass. When I’m not outdoors, you can catch me with my pup Morti, playing guitar, updating the social media accounts of the Dance Department and Outdoor Pursuits, and nannying for two kiddos. I’m really excited to meet y’all and bond in the good ole outdoors together!

Nora HarbisonNora Harbison(she/her/hers)
Voyages Leader | Exercise Science '22
Hello! My name is Nora and I am stoked to be getting outside with y'all. I love getting outside with friends and family, but my favorite adventure pal is my dog Rocky. I enjoy surfing, rock climbing, rafting, hiking, skiing, and just about any activity outside, especially exploring new places. My freshman year I went on a voyage and loved it! I couldn't think of a better way to start off college. I can't wait to meet you this august, see you soon.

LaNae FayLaNae Fay(she/her/hers)
Voyages Leader | Biology '22
Hey everyone! My name is LaNae Fay and I’m so excited to go explore with you! I grew up in Portland, OR for most of my life, and along the way I’ve filled my time with priceless memories of camping, hiking and just being outside. I can’t wait to meet you all and make more memories with some new friends. Welcome to the Pacific family!
 Our leader Erika wearing a PacU hat and smiling at the cameraErika Dunning(she/her/hers)
 Voyages Leader | Physics '21
Howdy! My name is Erika, and I hope this summer finds us somewhere in the mountains. When I am not working on physics, I'm usually  hanging with my dog, hiking, or with my horses. I'm from Bend Oregon and absolutely love spending my time exploring the high desert. I  am a senior physics major and hope to go to graduate school for astronomy and planetary science. This is my first year working  with Voyages, and I hope to see you soon!

 Our leader Erika wearing a PacU hat and smiling at the cameraSonja Henderson(she/her/hers)
 Voyages Leader | German and Kinesiology 22'
Hello! My name is Sonja, and I'm from Everett, Washington. Here at Pacific, I study German and Kinesiology on the Pre-Occupational Therapy track. I grew up camping and hiking all around the PNW, so many of my best and earliest memories are of spending time in nature with my loved ones. In my free time I also like to bake, watch TV, and sing mid-2000s hits way too loudly with my roommates. (Sorry, neighbors!) This will be my first year with voyages, so I can't wait to welcome you all to Pacific and share the beautiful outdoors with you! See you soon! 

Our leader Erika wearing a PacU hat and smiling at the cameraKole Meinhart(he/him/his)
 Voyages Leader | Environmental Biology 24'
Hey! I'm Kole Meinhart and I'm excited to explore Oregon with you all. I grew up in Pennsylvania, s there are still places in Oregon that are completely new to me. My favorite activity to fill up my weekends is finding new hiking trails to visit. My Voyage was an amazing experience and I hope to make yours the same! See you soon!!


Our leader Erika wearing a PacU hat and smiling at the cameraRosa Bowen(she/her/hers)
 Voyages Leader | Undecided 24'
Hi hi! My name is Rosa and I am so excited to meet you all! I am from the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. Going outdoors whether snowboarding, camping or spending days at the river, has always been a passion of mine. The great outdoors is the place to be! See you soon. 

Our leader Erika wearing a PacU hat and smiling at the cameraRussell Carmichael (he/him/his)
 Voyages Leader | Kinesiology 23'
Hi everyone! My name is Russell Carmichael. I'm a sophomore kinesiology major and basketball player here at Pacific. I can't wait to meet all of you in August and share my love of the outdoors. I grew up fishing, hiking and canoeing with my family in the seattle area. My freshman year I went on the Backpack Canoe voyage and met some people that made the transition into college a lot easier. See you this August!