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Voyages Team

We are proud of this amazing group of Pacific staff, faculty, and students that make up the Voyages Team, and work year-round to make Voyages the best experience it can be. We come from many different geographical origins and a wide range of backgrounds, but are brought together by our shared passions for the outdoors and connecting with others.

We hope to see you on a Voyage!

Sam Morrison

Assistant Director of Outdoor Pursuits

Voyages Coordinator 

Hello Voyages participants! I am looking forward to all the exciting trips and outstanding leaders we have for Voyages 2017! We live in a truly spectacular region of the country and what better way to experience it than starting college with a 5-day trip. Voyages is a great way to kick off your time in university, while building skills and relationships that will help you to be more successful. Looking forward to meeting you and bringing you into the Voyage family!

Jon Inman

Voyages Coordinator

Biology '18

Wazzzup everyone! I come from the big ole’ city of Canby, Oregon. I am a Biology major with Outdoor Leadership minor here at Pacific. I, like every other member of the Voyages team, have a huge passion for getting out of doors. I was a duckling on the Sea Kayaking Voyage when I came to Pacific as a freshman. I can honestly say that trip changed my life and helped me start my college experience off the right way. I have had the pleasure of leading that same Sea Kayaking Voyage twice, however, this year my goal as Voyage Coordinator is to help everyone one of you have as great of an experience as I did. 

Teva Needleman

Voyages Coordinator 

Environmental Science '19

Hello friends! My name is Teva (like the outdoor adventure shoes) and I’m a sophomore from Oceanside California! I am an Environmental Science major with an emphasis in sustainable design, and a public health minor. I love being outdoors and aside from the classic choice of hiking, my favorite way to get in touch with nature is to go snorkeling. I have not led a voyage before, but this year I got the chance to be one of the two coordinators for this voyage season. I am super stoked to get to be part of all of your voyages’ experiences, my voyage was one I will never forget! Can’t wait to see you in the fall, welcome to the Pacific family!

Anika Morkowski

Voyage Leader

Public Health '20

Hello Voyage Passenger! I am Anika and I am from the tiny town of Placerville, California (right in between Sacramento and Tahoe). Here at Pacific, I am studying Public Health with a minor in Outdoor Leadership. I was lucky enough to go on the rafting voyage last year, and I am so glad I could come back and be a voyage leader this year. I have a great love for the outdoors, whether it be hiking, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, or caving, I am all for it. The wilderness is one of the most beautiful, magical places that I believe everyone should go out and experience in one way or another. Pacific is an incredible place where you can take amazing classes, make great new friends, and go on many wonderful adventures. I am so excited to meet you all!

Zach Smith

Voyage Leader

Exercise Science '20

Heya there.... Newbies. My name is Zach Smith and I'm from Post Falls, Idaho, most of you don't know where that is because actually Post Falls doesn't exists and it's really a potato factory; I'm just paid to tell you that (plot twist)! I'm an Exercise Science Major with double minors in Spanish and Outdoor Leadership. Unlike the other voyage leaders, I was never able to go on a voyage so I will also be accompanying you with being mind blown by this amazing experience! Outside of voyages, I play soccer here at Pacific and I am also the Host of our very finest Pacific Improv Troupe! I'm so excited to be leading a voyage and sharing my experiences with you! Woooohhheeee, this is going to be exciting!

Katy Snyder

Voyage Leader

Integrated Media '18

Hey all! My name is Katy Snyder and I am from Seattle, Washington. At the beginning of my freshman year of high school, a couple of my friends and I helped to begin an outdoor adventure group for high school students. Through this program, I grew my leadership skills along with my passion for being in the outdoors. I love being outdoors all year long, exploring the beautiful area in which we live. My favorite activities in the outdoors include climbing, hiking, and XC skiing. I feel the backcountry is where you meet some of the coolest people and it is very important to educate those heading into the backcountry so they stay safe and do not harm the environment. I am stoked to get to know all of you and make this an amazing transition to Pacific!

Danielle Do Plooy

Voyage Leader

Sustainable Design '19

Whats up! My name is Danielle and I come from Cape Town, South Africa. I am a Sustainable Design major and love the earth. I love being outdoors whether that consists of playing tennis, body boarding, or planting veggies in the garden. Aside from laughing and loving life, I am super excited to meet new people and spend my summer on the river!

Tailor Dolgin

Voyage Leader

English '18

Hello future Boxers! I’m Tailor, I’m originally from Colorful Colorado, and I’m a junior here at Pac U earning a degree in English Literature with minors in Business and Outdoor Leadership. I’m a firm believer in the barefoot lifestyle and an even bigger believer in the awesome power of the outdoors so 'm stoked to once again be a member of the Voyages Team. I love any excuse to spend time in the wild, specifically backpacking, mountaineering, climbing, and hiking. When I'm on campus you can find me haunting the Outdoor Pursuits Office or wreaking havoc in Pacific’s Admissions Office. Jumping on a Voyage my freshman year was one of my favorite things about coming to Pacific, and I can’t wait to share that adventure with you!

Sam Anderson

Voyage Leader

Psychology '20

Salutations, voyaglings! I'm Sam, an aspiring tree princess and breakfast food fanatic. I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah; studying Psychology with a minor in Outdoor Leadership. I love the outdoors almost as much as I love dogs and dad jokes. When I'm not obsessing over cute plants or cute puppies, I spend my time running, hiking, and backpacking. Really, I love anything that gets me outside and gives me an opportunity to appreciate nature. Starting my college experience with an adventure in the backcountry was an amazing experience, and I'm psyched to share something similar with all of you. Can't wait to meet all of you lovely humans!

Alison Kachuck

Voyage Leader

Bioinformatics '19

Hey there! My name is Alison Kachuck and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am majoring in Bioinformatics with a minor in computer science. Growing up my family would always go camping. (I am an advanced s'more toaster) As a child and even now I'm always outside rather it's raining, windy, or snowing. I knew I wanted to be a voyage leader as soon as I went on a voyage myself (surfing). Let me tell you, that trip was beyond amazing and I met my closest friends through it. I was so stoked to be told I will be leading one this year! It was crazy to see how complete strangers can have so much fun together and later become great friends. Hopefully, you guys will love this experience as much as I will (105% sure you will) and love the outdoors as much as everyone here at Outdoor Pursuits. I'm excited to meet all of you, and am psyched to go on this trip with you guys!

Felicity Dyall

Voyage Leader

Environmental Biology '18

Hey! I'm Felicity and I am an Environmental Biology major and Outdoor Leadership minor here at Pacific. I grew up near Portland in beautiful Oregon, and have been exploring the outdoors since before I could walk. I enjoy backpacking and hiking, and I'm just getting into whitewater kayaking. There are so many more adventurous pursuits I hope to try someday! My favourite place to be is in the forest, and I love ​anywhere wild and remote. On campus, you'll find me talking to one of the giant trees or in the library enjoying the oaks from the windows. My freshman year began with a backpacking/canoeing Voyage and it is one of my treasured memories. ​I am so excited to be a part of the team and share this amazing bonding experience​ with you all!


Chloe Mason

Voyage Leader

Social Work '18

Ahoy voyagelings! Chloe here, I'm stoked to meet you all! I grew up romping through the forest and plunging into the Puget Sound, so I feel at home out of doors. I  dip my toes into a few different activities, but some of my favorites are hiking, backpacking, diving, and surfing.  I love pasta a little too much and am a huge fan of sunrise watching and hammocking.  I am working towards a major in Social Work and a minor in Outdoor Leadership, with the dream to eventually lead and create a nature therapy program. Voyages is one of my favorite aspects of Pacific and I am absolutely jazzed to get out and explore with you all.


Jason Hurst
Voyage Leader
Physics '19

Waddup errbody! My name is Jason Hurst and I am from Long Beach, California. I am majoring in Physics and minoring in Math. I have always loved the outdoors, you may call me an enthusiast. Although by far my favorite place to be is in the water, and I will be one of your surf instructors. I went on the backpacking voyage as a freshman, and let me tell y’all it was super sick. I encourage you guys to definitely come on a trip you won’t regret it! I can’t wait to meet you all, and I hope you are excited as I am.


Alex Grisby
Voyage Leader
Speech Pathology '20

What is up! I'm Alex and I'm from Corvallis. I'm a sophomore here at Pacific, pursuing a career in Speech Pathology. I feel very strongly about waffles and trees. My favorite place on the planet is Glacier National Park, and I've named 75% of my possessions. I'm also the resident grandma. My spirit animal is a rainbow trout. Mountains make me happy; and I enjoy backpacking, cross country skiing, sea kayaking, and camping at inappropriate times of the year. Can't wait to meet y'all!

Geoff Kastel

Voyage Leader

Biology '17

Hello! My name is Geoff, I am a senior biology major and a native Oregonian. I love all outdoor activities including surfing, snowboarding, canoeing, hiking, and stand up paddle boarding. This is the first voyage I will be leading, but I’m thrilled that I have this opportunity to share my love of the outdoors with you! I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer and I can’t wait to catch some waves with you!


Lydia Malcom

Voyage Leader

Anthropology '20

Howdy incoming boxers! My parents named me "Lydia" and I liked it so you can call me that! I'm an east coast girl who loves exploring my new home here in the PNW and I can't wait to explore with you all! I'm majoring in anthropology and pursuing minors in outdoor leadership and gender and sexuality studies. I'm a certified dog person and can't survive a day without coffee (addiction is real kids). My passions include kayaking, hiking, watching the sun rise, and questioning our human existence on this rad planet. Going on a voyage my freshman year was pretty much the smartest thing I did freshman year and I can't wait to create new memories with you all!

Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!


Leif Larson

Voyage Leader

Anthropology '20

Howdy Y’all, my name is Leif, I’m from a small town in Minnesota, and I’m a sophomore at Pacific. I’m an Anthropology Major and an Outdoor Leadership Minor. I love being outside and some of my favorite hobbies are climbing and hiking, and I love just chilling out and maxing with friends. I’m super excited for Voyages and I am looking forward to meeting the newest class here at Pacific.


Gwen O'Brien
Voyage Leader
English '18

Howdy folks! I’m Gwen, a native Oregonian and couldn’t be more passionate about my beautiful state

and all the exhilarating opportunities it offers to get stoked on getting outside. An outdoorsy generalist,

I love hiking, backpacking, running, kayaking, handstanding on rocks, wool socks, fry-bake pancakes, and all things that take me somewhere with fresh air. This will be my third year as a voyage leader and my fourth year as a Biology major and Spanish minor at Pacific and I just couldn’t be more excited. My

freshman year voyage (go rock climbing!) has so powerfully impacted my time at Pacific and I can’t wait

to share the incredible experience with you incoming Boxers. Welcome to the Voyages and Pacific family!

Elizabeth Cross

Voyages Leader

Biology '19

Whaaaaats up voyaglings! My name’s Elizabeth and I’m stoked about being your Voyage leader! I’m here at Pacific enjoying life as I study biology & relish in the Great Outdoors. Coming from the dry desert of Las Vegas, galavanting around the diverse wilderness of Oregon has been a transformative experience for me. I went on the surf voyage as an incoming freshmen and yes-- it was awesome. I met some of my closest friends going on that trip, all while exploring the gorgeous coastline of Oregon. I love the memories I made on my Voyage, and I can't wait to share another adventure with you!


Tristen Nolasco

Voyage Leader 

Environmental Studies '17

Wassup Voyages! This is Tristen commander of the third dimension coming to you live. I am a Senior at Pacific and am majoring in the outdoors or as the fancy term calls it Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainable Design. But what really gets me going is my minor in Outdoor Leadership. I love getting the privilege to share the outdoors with new people and so I'm super stoked to be leading yet another climbing trip to the wondrous and magical lands of Smith Rock. This adventure that we call college is definitely a big one but i believe it will be one of the best adventures of your life thus far and I'm vibrating with joy to accompany you. Peace and Love

Lauren Hento

Voyage Leader

Business '19

Hello future Voyagelings! My name is Lauren and I am from Keizer, Oregon. I am currently a sophomore here at Pacific, double majoring in Business and German, with a minor in Outdoor Leadership. I’d like to think that I was somewhat outdoorsy before, but it wasn’t until coming to Pacific that my eyes were truly opened to everything the great outdoors has to offer. Like every other member of the Voyages family, I love spending time outdoors, whether it’s kayaking, backpacking, or even hammocking. Voyages is the perfect kickstart to college, where you’ll get to unplug from the real world, make new friends, eat some tasty backcountry food, and spend time with your awesome leaders! I am so stoked to be able to share this amazing experience with all of you, and I can’t wait to meet you all soon!

Dylan Welles

Voyage Leader

Media Arts '18

I'm excited for our opportunities and future here at Pacific University. I want to show you what our area has to offer. Since transferring here from Kent State University in Ohio, I've travelled all over the place thanks to Outdoor Pursuits. If there's two things you need to know about me, it's that I like to snowboard and I like to make digital media.

Let's learn some new things together through outdoor trips and classes!


Chris Franco

Voyage Leader

Biology '20

The best way to start is that I am the most enthusiastic rock climber you will ever see. I am the

chillest dude you will know, who literally gets excited about almost everything. Most of the time I

am just excited to meet anyone new or the fact that they are as happy as I am about Anything!

The best way to start a conversation with me is to ask about Rick and morty, Star Wars, or Lord

of the Rings. But wait there's more, get used to the energy because I got plenty to give and

show. Outdoor Voyages is an amazing choice because you connect with with everyone in a lot

of situations. I am so stoked that you guys want my partner and I as your Voyage Leaders and

hope you have an unforgettable experience with us.


Ariel Watanabe

Voyage Leader

Environmental Studies '20

Aloooha, the name's Ariel and I'm originally from the beautiful islands of Hawai'i but now spending my holidays and summers in colorful Colorado. I study Environmental Studies with an emphasis on Policy, Culture, and Society as well as pursuing minors in Outdoor Leadership and Spanish. I am in love with Mama Earth and the peace and serenity she brings to those that take the time to soak everything in. I am so insanely stoked and privileged to be able to lead you all and help you experience the amazingness of nature and the Pacific Northwest. I cannot wait to make dope memories with you all. Much love!!


Breanna Roderos

Voyage Leader

Exercise Science '18

My name is Breanna Roderos and I am from Oak Harbor, WA.  I am going into my senior year here at Pacific majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Outdoor Leadership. I transferred to Pacific at the start of my Junior year from the University of Idaho and am happy to have joined the Boxer family. I love all things outdoors, sports, and music! I'm a trumpet player in the symphonic and jazz bands here at Pacific as well. I'm looking forward to a great Voyage trip and to another fun year at Pacific!



Maya Barnes

Voyage Leader

Anthropology '20

Hello awesome future voyagelings! I'm Maya,  I grew up in Prescott, Arizona and am super stoked to explore the beautiful and special PNW environment with all of you! I am an Anthropology major and and Outdoor Leadership Minor at Pacific and have had passion for the outdoors for as long as I can remember. My Voyage as a freshman was such a spectacular experience, and I am so excited to help carry on this amazing aspect of Pacific!