Pacific University Accelerated PharmD Program

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  • Chat with some of our current students and alumni.
  • Learn more about the logistics and benefits of our unique and flexible 5-year PharmD program.
  • Hands-on session on role of a pharmacist
  • Learn more about opportunities the pharmacy profession can offer.
  • Chat with our Experiential Team to learn more about rotation experiences both in the Pacific Northwest and abroad.

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Fast-track Your Pharmacy Career with Pacific University’s Accelerated PharmD Program.

The three-year Doctor of Pharmacy pathway at Pacific University is the only accelerated PharmD program in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Pacific’s accelerated PharmD program enables you to receive a pharmacy doctoral degree in three years with our 160 credit curriculum, instead of the traditional four years. The accelerated PharmD program runs on a year-round academic schedule, with a two-week break during the summer, as well as a traditional multi-week winter break. This intensive academic schedule for the accelerated PharmD program enables you to graduate one year earlier than traditional PharmD programs.

Graduating earlier provides you with a variety of benefits:3-year benefits

  • Reduced expenses related to housing and lost and/or reduced wages while in school, which makes this path more affordable in the long term.
  • Opportunity to begin your career one year early.
  • Ability to join postgraduate residency or fellowship one year earlier.
  • Ability to secure a pharmacist position one year earlier and to start earning a pharmacist salary one year earlier.

In addition to the accelerated PharmD pathway, you can also choose to complete dual degrees — such as a PharmD and MBA, or a PharmD and MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences — in just four years.


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