Campus Emergency

In the event of an emergency, planning and communication are key.

Pacific University has a comprehensive emergency operations plan (pdf) to assist our campus communities in dealing with a variety of emergencies or natural disasters. You should familiarize yourself with the plan and know where to access the emergency procedures reference guide for quick response in an emergency.

All employees are automatically enrolled in Boxer Alerts, our state-of-the-art alert notification system. This system sends emergency notifications and weather-related campus closures to all registered mobile phones, email addresses and RSS feeds. If you change your contact information, please be sure to update your records with Boxer Alert to ensure that you receive timely notifications. Boxer Alerts are tested twice a year, with advanced notification, so be sure to check your contact information if you don’t receive a test.

If weather or another emergency condition causes a closure or delayed opening at Pacific, Boxer Alerts are your first source of information. Check your email or text messages for news of closures. Closures and delayed openings also will be announced on the faculty/staff newsfeeds on the university website, and via local television and radio.

If Pacific campuses are open but you cannot make it to your work location, please check in with your supervisor as soon as possible. You may be able to make alternative arrangements or use leave time for the day.