Kevin Carr, PhD

Professor of Education
Woodburn Campus 102

I teach courses in science education, preparing science teachers at both secondary and primary grade levels. After seven years of teaching high school physics in Roseburg and Portland, Ore., I have become a regional leader in training current teachers in inquiry-based science teaching in earth/space science. I also teach introductory astronomy in the Pacific University College of Arts & Sciences. My scholarly interests include pre-service science teacher action research and science teacher professional development.


PhD (Science Education) and MS (Physics), University of Idaho

BS, University of Oregon

Recent Grants

Principal Investigator, Woodburn STEM Partnership, U.S. Department of Education University School Partnership Title IIA ($199,800)

Principal Investigator (2009-present), Pacific STEM Teaching Pathways, National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship Grant ($748,000)

Recent Publications

Phillips, D.K. & Carr, K. (2010). Becoming a teacher through action research: Process, context, and self-study. New York: Routledge

Phillips, D. K. & Carr, K. (2009). Dilemmas of trustworthiness in preservice teacher action research. Action Research, 6(4), 421-440

Phillips, D.K. & Carr, K. (2007). Illustrations of the analytic memo as reflexivity for preservice teachers. Educational Action Research, 15(4), 561-575

Carr, K. & Phillips, D.K. (2005). Interactive textware: Using Macromedia Authorware to reinvent the academic textbook. In G. Richards (Ed.), Proceedings of e-Learn 2005: world conference on e-learning in government, corporate, healthcare, and higher education (pp. 29-34). Chesapeake, Va.: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Carr, K. (2005). The “Ten Most Beautiful” Experiments Interpreted by Novice Students. The Physics Teacher 43, November 2005, 533-537

Phillips, D. & Carr, D.K. (2005). Writing to re-invent: an eTextbook about becoming a teacher. International Journal of the Book v.2, 69-74

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