Sigrid C. Roberts, PhD, MS, DiplBiol

Associate Dean for Pharmaceutical Sciences & Professor
UC Box 
Creighton Hall 444
Areas I Teach 

Educational History

PhD, Biochemistry--University of Iowa
MS, Biochemistry--University of Wyoming
Diplom, Biology--Universität Oldenburg, Germany

Practice/Research Interests

The neglected tropical disease leishmaniasis affects ~12 million people annually, with resulting illnesses ranging from cutaneous ulcerative lesions to fatal visceralizing infections. A better understanding of parasite biology and host-parasite interactions is critical for the development of much needed new therapeutic strategies and the overall goal of our research is to validate the polyamine pathway as a medical target. Polyamines are metabolites that play central roles in rapidly proliferating cells, and recent studies have highlighted their critical nature in Leishmania parasites. We are using a variety of techniques, including molecular biology, biochemistry, and tissue culture to elucidate the functions of polyamines for parasite proliferation and survival.

For more information, see a select list of Dr. Roberts's publications.

Outside the Classroom

I am originally from Germany. My family and two dogs enjoy traveling and the outdoors (in fair weather), good food, and spending time with friends.