Alumna Tara Velarde '13 Releases Solo Album

Alumna Tara Velarde ‘13 recently released Get Out and Walk, her debut, 10-track, solo album.

Velarde, who majored in music education at Pacific, sang for the Tara Novellas before deciding to go solo. Her premiere album includes a signature blend of genres, including folk, indie-rock, Latin groove and gypsy vibes.

Velarde told the Beaverton Valley Times that her music is full of variety and different styles and influences, which Velarde believes sets her apart from the rest.

"This record is our biggest album to date. I feel that it is a strong and thrilling representation of our sound, our message, and our style, and I hope that it makes a clear statement about our passion," Velarde told reporter Michael Sproles. "But most of all, I hope that listeners are able to connect with the songs and find strength, smiles and solidarity."

Pacific University’s undergraduate degree in music education prepares students to pursue careers as music teachers, performers, or a variety of other music-related fields. The Music Department at Pacific also offers majors in music, music performance, and music therapy.

Friday, Feb. 10, 2017