Alumni Association Board of Representatives Seeks Nominations for Membership

The Alumni Association Board of Representatives seeks members who can represent the following perspectives:

  • Attendance at Pacific between 1980 and 2010
  • Attendance on Eugene, Woodburn and Hillsboro Campuses (any years)
  • Graduate and professional degree programs – including alumni who hold more than one degree from Pacific (any years)

The mission of the Alumni Association is to deepen the engagement of alumni and students in a lifelong relationship with Pacific University and to further the welfare of Pacific University.

The Board meets quarterly and members serve three-year terms.

Two meetings are hybrid and two are held by video call. Confidence in or willingness to learn how to participate in a meeting by video call is a requirement of board membership.

Alumni Board representatives take responsibility for fostering strong alumni engagement opportunities in alignment with the Alumni Association mission through participation on one or more Board committees.

Members of the Alumni Board are also asked to be deeply engaged via experiential activities, communication channels, philanthropy and volunteer leadership.

Board members also take personal responsibility for understanding the wide diversity of perspectives and experiences within the Pacific University Alumni Association. In particular Board members are asked to understand the wide range of academic backgrounds held by members of the Alumni Association.  This includes also includes an ongoing responsibility to self-educate on topics of equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging.

To learn more about the opportunity to serve on the Board, contact the Alumni Association professional staff at

Monday, Aug. 7, 2023